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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    what a weekend looks like everyones got star wars on sale.
    first off i asked the tool working at target transit why they had 4 pegs
    with tags for the exclusive clonetrooper, he said theyd be getting more this week so keep checking. next , i went back to the first bk i got the toys at
    and they woulnt sell then to me with a value meal, i asked for the mgr and she said only with the kids meals. i told her i bought them here before an she said i couldnt have im calling corperate in the morning an getting her arse fired. finally say those k-mart exclusive super -deformed figs,9.99 a pop,
    poo on that. also if anybodys looking (and i doubt it) the rite aid on transit and french ,depew, has 2 potf2 rancor keepers, 1 nieb neib, and a dengar,all with holograms. and the end of family guy was freakin sweet.

    all the bks i went to had the same asst, dick n geo urban and french an transit. tru transit also had the anakin starfighters.

    3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Found the mustafar playset at walmart on Transit. It was the only one they had.

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    you "mustafar" been there befo me
    i was there round 2, an let me tell you since they opened the other side
    the employees cant handle the foot traffic.
    i hadda git outta there it was so crowded.
    an i was kinda cheesed when i found out those figs with the set werent very articulated at all. anyone see those sweet sabers at spencers or borders?
    im tottally gonna pay 99.99 for a vader one. look great lightin up an powerin down.
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Quote Originally Posted by Lowly Bantha Cleaner
    Got tickets for the 11:00 showing of ROTS at the Regal on Transit Road in Williamsville. I used Fandango for the first time. They charge $1.00 per ticket but it is beats driving up there and getting them.
    nothin beats the hunt brother, thats prime retail area.
    ima go to bk fer breakfast seein as i keep winnin crap by choosing my
    density . see ifn i cant git more toys then ill have a good vomit an go ta sleep.
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Andy=H: I read you rposted after I came back from hunting so I didn't know it was hidden But I found 2 for a decent price on the net so Im all set.

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Target and Toys R Us (I don't know about Walmart) have figures for 4.99 and battle arenas for 16.99. i bought the obi wan and Grevious bodyguard battle arena because it attaches to the Mustafar playset.

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Just got back from TRU on the Blvd. They had about 6 or 7 Anakin Starfighters (Green), so I bought one.

    The stores seem to be bursting with the figures that were "hard to find" not so long ago. Too many Clone Commanders to count at Target today....

    Has anyone seen the second wave of BK toys yet?


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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    andyh is that the only one that connects and does it look good?
    is the grievious b-guards staff molded to his hand?
    sorry fer all the ?s but thats one set i havent really gotten a good look at.
    every time i see the arenas theres never that one.
    no new bk toys at the 2 i stop at, but ill post as soon as i get sum.
    ima good hunter
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    I bought the battle arena because it has a rocky look to the platform so i thought it would look cool attached to the volcano. But the battle arenas each split into to parts and you're suppossed to connect four of these segments to form a circle. so the obi wan/bodyguard arena looks wierd attached to the volcano because the volcano connection is only the size of one segment, so when you attach them theres a segment missing. I'm glad I have it but it looks incomplete like I would have to buy half of someone else's arena to make it look complete. The body gaurd has a ball jointed neck and just arm and leg joints at the shoulders and waist. the staff is removable and the droid is different than the carded ones, mostly in the paint color.

    You could attach any battle arena to the volcano it would look wierd though having say palpatines office floor attached to a volcano.

    As for the other connections there is a spot for vaders' medical table and that attaches to the medical droids stand on the left you can then attach padme and c3pos stand to that- so it looks like a lava flow coming from the table.

    I'd be interested if anyone else can find anything else to attach to it because it looks like there are more places for things to attach.

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    i wonder if you could hook it up with the geonosis battle arena, ha.
    and then hook up the old ewok village. ima wait for the movie to buy anymore
    stuff. im mad i bought the mace and i wont buy the kit fisto or the tinn because it looks like in the movie there all wearing robes, and the only one in that scene that sceen whose fig actually has a robe is the agen kolar.
    im talkin bout the chancelors arrest scene. im big on smaller scene buliding.
    exept my imperials , my cantina, and jabbas palace which are quite large and quite full. wow i need a spell check on this mofo.
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