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    Re: Upstate New York finds


    The royal guard waves are drying up now. They were only in one case asst. But dont fret, they make an appearance in the last collection two asst being shipped out soon
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    i stashed a red at my topps , if its there tomorrow ill grab it for ya
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    It is interesting to see that the last time I checked at the K-Mart on Niagara Falls Boulevard and at Kohl's they had a gabizillion Super Deformed and Barc Trooper with Speeder Bikes respectively. Each had a great big part of their shelves dedicated to them. Now K-Mart had 1 deformed left and Kohl's 3 bikes. Even my local Wally-Mart's pegs are getting plucked so that there are only 1/2 the figures they've had at the beginning.

    And yes the Lockport BK has the last wave on sale.

    The only ones I need now are Anakin's Podracer, Watto, Obi-Wan, Padme, an X-Wing, and of course a Vader. I'll hope to lessen that number during the upcoming week when they get back the assortment of waves to sell.
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    I found a lone ASK AAK figure at Transit TRU on Wednesday night so I guess that wave is out here.

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    i saw one case when i was upstate 3 weeks ago ,2 tarkins 2 aak ask an 2 menis tillis
    the wave looks in short supply right now. proly the same deal as the mustafar ani wave.
    walmart near mckinnly had a freakin butt load of titanium and every 3 3/4 fig was a nemoidian warrior, all 30 of the target had the new wave of deluxe (crab droid,clone troopers,stass ali,spider droid). mustafar playsets everywhere. bk promotion ends july 15th according to one of the mgrs at the newly reopened union (near genesse) only stuff they had was the last wave.
    i was also told that a mgr at the transit-broadway location collected 10 complete sets and 19 vaders.
    the red guard and the dooku i had stashed at topps is gone.did anyone get the free $10 gift card from kohls? i got 2 , it was nice to pick up 4 figs for 6 bux.
    in my opinion there just going to keep switching up the case assts untill x-mas time when the dvd goes on sale. everything been showing up ,with the exception of these last 2 waves.
    b bak in 2 weeks, disney world here i come. an if i cant find cool crap there ,thers always disneyland in august.
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Thanks for being on the lookout for the red guard, drsidious (and anyone else keeping an eye out)....

    My BK toy collection is now complete. My favorites: Jabba, Grievous, Jar Jar, the Landspeeder, Vader's TIE, and, of course, Vader himself.

    Can't wait for the BK promotion in November with the watches.

    Nice to see the Darth Taters becoming more plentiful now...that may be one of the coolest non-action figure toys this year.


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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Wal-mart on Transit in Clarence has three cases of Anakin on Mustafar, R-2 on Mustafar and Commander Bacara wave. They seemed to skip over the tarkin and Senators wave.

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    damn trip got postponed, the airport is the original jerkstore
    and im stuck with the car in the shop all week.
    tried to get the work done while i was outta town,
    that didnt work out

    the flea had um for 25 bux
    gosh im mad
    trade a red guard for one i will. out of my collection it comes,
    excellent condition its in, never hit the pegs, came straight outta
    an unopened case.
    any takers?
    heh, ill throw in a sabre spoon (red)
    oh an if any of you regal workers got an extra whos your daddy poster
    im willin to trade plastic for paper.
    cant wait for that spud trooper.
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    I didn't buy any extras. I just bought one anakin and one Bacara, I left the rest on the pegs but I'm sure they went on Saturday.

    I just went to target on the Blvd and they were stocking two cases of #41-44 so I probably wouldnt bother with that store for a while if you're looking for new stuff.

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Does anyone have an extra Saga Lt. Danni Faytonni or Elan Sleazebaggano figure they're the only two figures I'm missing from Saga. Just thought I'd ask.

    Has anyone seen the Tarkin wave yet or the Deluxe Clonetrooper 3-pack.


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