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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Did anyone hear about the Star Wars toys that shut down the Buffalo airport yesterday?

    Apparently, they X-rayed an abandon package found at the airport and the screener saw something that looked like a pipe-bomb. They evacuated the airport and called in the bomb squad to open it. It turned out it was just a Star Wars toy lightsaber. The evacuation delayed about 29 morning flights.
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Certainly not as clumsy or random as a pipe-bomb. Definitely a weapon for a more civilized age
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    That is freakin hilarious. They couldnt tell from the Hasbro Ep 3 Lightsabers on the side?
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    damnair port
    evolution packs ( these figs rock)
    battle packs(the obi wan armor is ok)
    500th vader (3 per freakin case, damn there tricky)
    the new line of unleashed
    its been a busy week for me , costly too
    still no mustafar anakin
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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    The 500th Vader has been very difficult to find. I can't locate it anywhere. If anyone sees it, please drop me a line/private message.
    I have been seeing a ton of the M&M MPire figures, though, and they are pretty cool. The Darth Taters seem to be a rarity once again.


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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Where did you find the new unleashed line?

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    no 500th vaders

    m-pires showing up- vader/trooper pack hard to find

    I am looking for the fett m&m

    Tons of Taters at TRU summit park mall

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    Hertel K-mart---Fett and Han M&M
    TRU Sheridan---4 500th Vaders

    As of 11:30 AM Tuesday

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    how many fett M&Ms

    If anyone sees them please hide them -- my schedule it tight to go to stores

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    Re: Upstate New York finds

    I just saw one of each of that wave there.


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