Originally posted by drsidious
found an acklay ana deluxe yoda this week at target on walden
an i finally got all my stuff i bought in disney
3 star tours figs (now i see theres 3 more, but ill have to git um sent to me)
12" ki-adi mundi
12" luke on taun taun
all 3 cantina sets (which fit together quite nicley)
luke with speeder
i saw these lukes at tru transit when i got back last weekend
but they got snagged up
on a compleatly seperate note
i do have crap to trade
especcallyyyyy if any one finds that new simpsons
treehouse of horror 3 playset
just hadda put dat in dere
Good to see you back drsidious.

I picked up the last Acklay the Wal-Mart in Lockport had last Wednesday. I then used it in a trade with Sinister Lord.

Other than that I haven't seen much of anything new lately. I am not even considering picking up the unleashed unless they go on clearance.