Went out to the TRU in Poughkeepsie today, they had a few Silver Clone Troopers still hanging there, I figured they would have all been snatched up, but I picked one up anyway since they were there. They didnt have anything relatively new, in fact they had the same Deluxe Durge set (without a Durge, some scumbag of a "collector" cut him out and took just him and left the speeder bike) and the same few Ultra Obi-Wans and Jango's they've had for a while now. The only "new" figures they actually had were, amazingly, ALL 2001/2002 POTJ sneak preview figures, which they had plenty of. This is ridiculous, those figures are a good 2/3 years old and they're still charging $4.99 for them? Had they been Episode 1 figures they would have been on clearance by now. Well, there were a few Sneak Preview Clone Troopers there, so I picked one up, I figured at $4.99 its a steal compared to the $8.99 or so they want online for 'em. They also had one Red Leader's X-Wing set, in fact, it was actually hilarious when I looked at it. I'm not talking about the set itself, actually it was more so what was MISSING from the set. The same scumbag (I presume) who cut Durge from his package and took just him had cut out the Red Leader figure and taken just him from the box, leaving just the X-Wing. Well after reading all the horrible reviews of that set I've read online I thought that was kind of funny, I mean I've seen the figure and he's hardly anything I'd be willing to attempt to steal. I dont think I've read a single positive review of that figure......Anyway, I went on over to the Wal*Mart there, and they had, literally, NOTHING. There was plenty of other toys in the toy isle, but absolutely NO Star Wars figures at all. I'm thinking about just giving up the whole toy hunting thing and resorting to strictly online/ebay buying, I havent found anything good since the end of January :/