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    New He-Man cartoon

    So, what did everyone think? I've noticed JediTricks didn't like Orko, but I have to say, "Snarf! Snarf!" to that. Orko is, and always has been, the true hero of Eternia!

    Overall, the show kicked butt! I liked how it was updated, but kept just enough of the old show for camp/nostalgia value. Like the voices--similar to the old series, but not as cheesy. Also nice was the way the cornier names were only mentioned in passing or not at all. And the vehicles were just vehicles; no more "I have to ride our new Dragon Walker, which is available in stores now, kids!"

    Keldor/Skeletor was no longer a whiny old man with no face. He was one nasty customer!

    I can even live with Cringer, since he doesn't whine like in the old show. The completely feline Cringer turned out to be pretty funny!

    Can't wait for figures of Man-E-Faces, Whiplash, Clawful, Beast Man's griffins, Adam, Randor, and especially Sorceress. She looked freakin' incredible!

    Was Tri-Clops blind without his little flying doodad?

    And did anyone else catch that the little flying skateboards were straight out of the horrible live action movie? Bad movie, nice homage.

    Bottom line: This was one awesome movie! I can't wait for the series!
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    I thought it was excellent. Definatly alot less cheesy then the old series, with just enough cheese to throw a nod to the old fans. Orko was a tad irritating, but he always has been. Infact I think he was moreso in the old series.

    It still seemed like they were advertising the toys in the cartoon, but I can deal with that. Atleast they weren't beating you over the head with stuff. The Battle Ram Chariot shown in shadows was a nice touch. Like you said, the flying discs were right out of the live action movie. Nice touch there guys.

    Keldor/Skeletor kicked major arse. No longer is he just the wimpy ole wizard that casts spells and runs away at the slightest hint of trouble. He's a pretty good swordsman, and definatly a lot less of an idiot then the old series version. I'm a bit disapointed that they trashed his sword in the premiere movie though. Hopefully he will have it reforged. But I love how He-Man just punched Skeletor. You never would have saw that in the old series.

    I do miss Cringer talking, but I can deal with it. They can always throw us old fans a bone later and have Orko or the Sorceress give him the power of speech. I can deal with the fact if they just leave him as a regular cat though.

    That was a real nice touch of showing Man-E-Faces as not your typical warrior, but as an actor. Can't wait for a new figure of him and the rest of the main heroes and villans. I've read some complaints about Clawful's voice, but not every villian is supposed to be a genius.

    Hey El Chuxter, did you notice during the Keldor attack that Trap Jaw is there, but he doesn't have the robotic arm or jaw yet. Hopefully they explore somemore of these charecters origins. I want to see what happened to him that caused the loss of his arm. They already said that we would see an episode where Meckaneck gets used to his new neck, so it looks like flashback episodes are a go.

    I don't think Tri-Clops is blind withough his flying bird "Doomseeker". I do think that one of his eyes is connected to what it sees though. So he would have to rotate to a different eye, when the bird is out of commission. I beleive in the cartoon he rotated his eye, after the droid got trashed.

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    I've never heard of this new He-Man until now. When is it on?
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    The movie aired yesterday at 4 PM Est. on Cartoon Network. It's on again tonight at 7 PM Est. I believe. The series starts August 30th, but they are starting off with the premiere movie broken into 3 pieces for the first 3 weeks.

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    Did anyone else notice the obscene amount of sword twirling? I didn't really think it was as annoying as it was funny.
    Man-a arms body armor was pretty cool, how it adjust when needed, same with the new weapons.
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    I saw it and was very impressed. It captured the feel of the old series with just enough "newness". I really loved the origin od Skeletor being show right away. And the updates on all the characters were great.

    I never really new Greyskull was that large though. Mine never was that big

    The only thinkg that really bothered me was Orko. After I saw the pics for his figure, he looked better. More like a teenager in design, then a goofy floating pepper shaker. But then I saw him in the cartoon and I was a little dissapointed. Why does he still have to be so cheesy???

    And the fighting seemed a little, . . . . . . . Hollywood. It was definitly action packed, but I felt with all the jumps and spins and flips, that I was watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Oh well, a lot better then the cheesy fighting of the old series!!

    Over all, I cannot wait for the new episodes to start!!! The only thing that blows is I think they are a once a week show. Oh well, at least the is a new series
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    I can tell already that the new cartoon will take a more serious look at the He-Man universe which I love.

    I am very anxious for the return (or debut) of Fisto and Mossman!

    I will be watching this show every week. Who would have though that The Masters of the Unvierse would be back on its 20th anniversery?
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    I haven't seen it yet. My son called and told me he loved it. Maybe I can check it out tonight.
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    I am taping it today with Tivo, figured I would give it a whirl.
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    I just finished watching it and boy I was suprised. I really wasn't that much of a fan of the original but this was very entertaining. Looks like I have another show to add to my rotation.
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