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    Did you ever learn how to play Chess?

    I learned from a teacher in elementary school, what an awesome game !
    Unfortunately through some of high school and all of college I never played . . . but I recently got back into playing.
    I'm wondering if there are any forumites who know the game, and if so I'm up for a match sometime! There are several online places to play, let me know if interested.

    As a kid I fell for the whole "chess is dorky" cliche,
    but am I ever glad I learned to appreciate what a truly intelligent game it is. :happy:

    However, that does not mean I'm very good.

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    Yeah, chess is fun, especially when you've got a good game going. I learned in the 5th grade cause the teacher really liked chess and so she taught chess to every class she has. One time we got to make up our own rules for it (they had to be reasonable of course) and play against another classmate. There was also this thing about 4 player chess and one year the makers of the set actually came to her class, I wasn't in it that year though.
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    I love that game, but its hard to find ppl who do. I usually play on yahoo. But I've kinda gotten out of it over the past 3 months. The worse game I ever had, I got checked in 3 moves!! and the other person didn't even know he did it either!! Oh well
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    I learned like in 6/7th grade. I use to play it on my computer but I ended up deleting it and have regreted doing so ever since. I tried on Yahoo, but I just can't play against people with out seeing em.
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    I learned Chess around the 3rd grade. Lots of fun!!! Now I'm really bad at it.
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    I think I was about 2nd or 3rd grade when I learned to play. I stink at it though. I've always been bad at it. I remember one time throwing a tantrum when I was about 8 because my dad was helping my 4 year old sister. I thought it was cheating and flipped the board so the pieces went everywhere. I was a really bad sportsman back then!
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    I learnt how to play in 2nd Year Juniors in school but haven't played in YEARS!!! Probably because I never win .

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    I learned when I was around 10. My father taught me how to play. He even bought Chess for our TI-99/4A so I could practice.

    I don't play much any more, but I still play against my father and brother whenever I see them.
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    My brother is 4 1/2 years older than me, and when I was in about 3rd grade, he was on the chess team. I actually joined it for a while. I was decent, but I would never consider myself good, especially since I never play anymore.

    I can only see about 5 moves ahead..

    But I have played my best friend a few times, and he sees about 15-20 ahead, and destroys me. But it is something I would like to play again, and get better at.

    A truly great game!
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    I learned sometime in Elementary school when my parents bought me a beginner chess set. On each of the pieces it had a written and picture description of how that piece moves. I remember playing with my parents trying to remember what each of the pieces did. I played on and off for years but never enough to figure out a strategy or get any good. Still have fun when I do get a chance to play again.
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