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    Hasbro please read!: This has gotta stop!!!

    Things are really bad here. We only have the first three figure assortments and very few other items. The worst thing is that everything is overpriced. Thus, the items are not sold and stores don't get newer figs. I and many other people have tried to talk some sense in the stores here and the Hasbro HQ in The Netherlands, but they are stubborn as hell. They keep on rambling that Star Wars is dead and that there are not enough buyers here to justify their time and money to build up a market here. The US has toys and so do Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Canada and Australia, so how come we don't? Aren't we important enough? May i remind you that my small country has done a lot in the history of this planet?

    This, i can assure you, i complete and utter bulls**t. There are lots of collectors here that want to spend their money on Star Wars toys, but there are certain things that we just won't do. First of all, many collector's HATE Trilogo packaging, it looks horrid. Secondly, we want the toys all year long and we want to get them all. Every wave, every vehicle, every exclusive. last but not least; price. $10 per figure is way too much! With the articulation of the current figs or should i say lack thereof, the maximum price should be $7. And don't tell me this is impossible, because the figs are $4.99 in the US and $7 in the UK, so it should be possible!!!

    Also, when you can't sell shelfwarmers in the US, don't dump it on the European markets! This will only make everything worse!!! I.e. POTF2 Jabba The Hutt beastpacks, Force FX Figures and other glogging the shelves, making the store owner think the hobby is dead.

    And please, when you release something here, make it the same as the ones issued in the US, no stupid Trilogo's and no stupid non-painted non-articulated figs instead of neat accessories. Can anyone saw Bonus Battle Droids? Boy, what a bonus! They were $12-15 each!

    Above all, when you make figures, don't make them have actions that take away the articulation or the overall looks of the toys. So make sure the limbs can still move freely and that the buttons aren's a mile long! The new Padmé looks great, but i fear the figure will not fit in my E1 Naboo Fighter due to that damn button. You guys need to conceal them! If ToyBiz can do it, you guys can do it too. You're rich enough. I collected many of your lines (MASK, Ghostbusters, Jurassic park etc) so it's about time you do something for me and the other collectors in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

    I hope you will finally do something about this situation as i am beginning to loose faith in your company really fast. If you don't do anything about this madness, count me out the next time.

    PS: Listen to the fans, they are the reason you guys are so big. Respect us for a change.

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    Re: Hasbro please read!: This has gotta stop!!!

    Originally posted by DarthMaulSithLord
    PS: Listen to the fans, they are the reason you guys are so big. Respect us for a change.
    I just wanted to make sure no one from Hasbro who's reading this missed that.
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    E.U Keeps the dream alive. After EPS 3 the Haters will come crawling To our universe.

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    I totally have to agree with you DMSL since I lived in the netherlands a long time too but they stopped having the figs since episode 1
    before that, they even had SOTE figs in intertoys (saw him for 16 hfl but I wasn't a big collector and didn't buy it that time) but when Episode 1 hit, the had some more figs then now but they were priced at 15 frickin euros and were warming the pegs everywhere so suddenly they must have thought "ok, kids don't like SW anymore, lets just stop selling them here"
    so POTJ never saw the light in the netherlands which really ****ed me off since they were about the best ones yet

    hasbro should really care more about the netherlands (and even hole europe too since they're still double the price then in the US)
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