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Thread: transformers

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    Boy, I haven't seen a single one at any TRU around here. Are these still hitting the stores or have they come and gone?
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    If you're looking for a good Transformers news site, trying I know most of the people who are on the staff.

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    Me and a friend picked up Optimus and Ultra on Friday no Rodimus. We called and they had just unloaded a truck. They held them for us. Pretty neat, 40$ kinda steep when you compare sizes of original optimus and ultra to RID optimus and ultra. I am in central Texas.

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    Originally posted by pthfnder89
    .Anything is better than the Armada toys; I love the concept but Hasbro has really destroyed the toys. So far the only one I've bought is the Minicon 3 pack with the jetplanes. They're actually pretty cool and I really want a Deluxe sized figure to go with them, but I just hate the rest of the figures.

    Maybe when Optimus Prime comes out I'll buy him...
    It does look like Prime will be the only one worth buying.. although starscream looked really nice. I kinda wish they would stop reissuing the old Takara toys and make new versions of classic transformers.


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