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    # Of Times You Have Seen Ep.2

    What is the number of times you saw "Attack Of The Clones"
    I HAVE SEEN IT (Ep.2) 5 times in theaters.. (not including Dollar theaters)

    And WHY? (besides the fact you like Star Wars)

    for me;

    I saw
    Ep. 1..-..4 times (not including Dollar Theaters)
    Ep. 2..-..5 times (not including Dollar Theaters)
    I plan to see Ep. 3..-..6 times (not including Dollar Theaters)

    And when 4,5 and 6 get Re-Re-REleased to theaters I'll see them
    Ep. 4..-..1 time (not including Dollar Theaters)
    Ep. 5..-..2 times (not including Dollar Theaters)
    Ep. 6..-..3 times (not including Dollar Theaters)

    AM I A FREAK?????.......Are YOU!!

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    I saw EP1 6 times in theaters
    and i've seen EP2 5 times in theaters.

    in AZ we dont have dollar theaters, so i couldnt see them cheaper if i wanted.
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    I've seen it 3 times in the theaters, but then I turned to the dark side and downloaded the second half off of grokster but the quality is bad. The first half I downloaded ended up being Corky Ramano. You can get the VCD and DVD on Ebay, but 99% of them are pirated and dont come with the deleted scenes so it's best to wait till Nov.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    I saw The Phantom Menace 15 times at the cinema, but have only been to see AOTC 7 times. I've watched it about 100 times on pirate video though but I'd rather go the cinema any day!

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    EPS 1 - 3 times in theatres
    EPS 2 - 2 times in theatres
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    I've only seen it 2 times,

    May 12- DC Premere
    May 16- Openning Day at a local theater
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    E1: 8 times in the theater / 1 time at a drive-in
    E2: 2 times in the theater
    E3: It all depends on how good it is
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    TPM-3 Times
    AOTC-4 Times.
    Why? Because...I like them! Why else?
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    E1 - 8 times
    E2 - 4 times (hey, I'm pacing myself)
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    TPM - 11 times
    AOTC - 3 times

    ANH - 0 times
    ESB - 0 times
    ROTJ - 1 time
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