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    Who is your favorite character in Star Wars and why?

    See subject above =)
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    I like Han

    The character wasn't as totally pigeon-holed as "good" or "bad" like Luke or the Emperor, but he was loyal to his friends and had that cool, 'scoundrel' thing going for him.
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    Oh geeze.....
    Umm... My favorite MAIN character is Han. He is just awesome. He is resourceful, clever and creative. He also has a concience that leads him. He isn't foolish. He knows when he is beat, but he doesn't give up without a fight.

    My favorite minor character is Wedge. He is an awesome guy too! He is the only pilot we saw that survived all three movies of the trilogy, besides Luke. And he is loyal.

    My favorite baddie is Darth Vader. He is evil, but not overly so. He had a concience in the end and did what is right. He wasn't ruthless in the movies atleast. Maul was ruthless, and Tarkin was equally so.
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    Yoda has always been my favorite character because he's awesome.

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    Two of my favorites, because of the way they were portrayed on screen, are Watto and Tarkin.

    Peter Cushing did an excellent job of acting out the part of Tarkin, giving him the absolute evil that was needed. The way he thought he had all the answers, and Leia still tricked him was great. Cold, methodical, and almost business-like. I can easily see him as a Commandant of some Nazi concentration camp. Brilliant- the character and the acting!

    Watto- The performance started w/ Andy Secombe who gave a great vocal performance and a gave the animators a great performance to work off of. The animators finished the job by translating that great performance on to the screen. This high quality combo performance was continued in E2. The work the animators did to make Watto look 10 yrs older was incredible, and you can see the mental confusion Watto seems to be in at this point in his life, and the way he comes out of that "fog" when he recognizes Ani... it's great acting!

    I wish half the other actors in the series were that convincing! I could go on, but it's frustrating!

    As for my overall fav character, Anakin/Darth Vader.
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    Darth Sidious/Palpatine is my favorite, hence the username. He is a Sith, he is absolutely brilliant and extremely powerful, and has a very intimidating presence. I love the robes, and you can tell he must be very powerful by the way he intimidates almost everyone around him. Intelligent, powerful, and evil.
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    Darth Vader had always been my fav. character.He's bad,tall,dark ,handsome..Oh wait..We're getting off track hereSeriously,Vader is a mastermind.Highly Intelligent,commanding attention and respect where ever he goes.

    My fav. minor character would have to be Piett.Piett always manages to escape Vaders wrath,and I think that is truely amazing.
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    R2-D2. He embodies the cliche, 'actions speak louder than words'. You don't really expect that much personality from a trash can with treads, but he's really one of the best things about Star Wars, in my opinion.
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    I prefer the smaller characters in a movie than the big main ones and I'm undecided between Wedge, Piett or Lando as my favourite. I don't know what it is about them that makes them my fave but I think the actors portray them brilliantly.

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    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    He ties the whole saga together.
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