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    Who thinks Darth maul makes a better sith lord than Tyranus?

    I really like Tyranus, especially because of his back story, but i would have love for Maul to have been the the sith apprentice for the new trilogy like Vader was in the classic trilogy. I know a lot of people dont like Maul because he was overplayed so much but i would rather seen another battle between obi-wan and maul in episode II. So what do you think?
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    Darth Maul is overrated. He was nothing more then a snarling pit bull villian. He had no depth or charecter, he was just Sidious' lackey. I'm glad they hacked him in half in E1, so we could have a more dignified, refiend, and elegent villian. Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus is a more Classic Sith Lord, he matches alot better with Palpatine and Vader in the OT, then Maul did.

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    I agree with Jar Jar. Maul is overrated They concentrated too much on his lightsaber techniques(sp?) and we didn't really get to know him.
    We got to know Dooku a lot better than Maul and Dooku seems wiser but has misconceptions about the Force andother such things.

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    Emperor JarJarbinks has it perfectly. Maul had no character in the movie at all, all he could do was swing that lightsaber around. Dooku has character, a back story, and is more of a classic villain. He is also like Vader, it's not all fighting like it was for Maul, but it was talking, taunting, and great skill with the force. Dooku was the better Sith by far.

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    Maul is all about asthetics. The cool EVIL look is all he is.
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    Tyranus is so much better. He is even a fallen Jedi, where Maul was bred and raised in captivity to be a Sith stoolie. Maybe not entirely true, but Dooku added class and intellect to his sword fighting abilities. Awesome!

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    Maul doesn't have the foreboding presence of Vader or Dooku. He was just a prancing lackey.
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    maulrat22 is in the minority here. Tyrannus definitely has panache, while DM is a 2D hitman who should have "Sith Life" tatooed in red and black ink across his chest.

    Tyrannus is a gentlemanly opponent with the deviousness so needed in a good villain. DM is solely a pit bull who was pimp slapped with ease by both Qui Gon and OB1.
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    IMO, Maul was a thug while Tyranus was more. However, both could have been better Sith simply with more dialogue AND a little exposition on their backstory (we even get a little of that on Vader in ANH so it had precedence):

    - Maul should be painfully obvious as to what I mean there;
    - However, Tyranus I think could have benefitted from a little verbal discussion about who he was, how he didn't fit in with the Jedi, maybe a little more Tarkin-esque dialogue. I thought it was a bit strained that a Jedi as far along as Dooku would switch sides without almost any discussed reason. He could have been in the previous film as a generic Jedi in the temple who Qui-Gon introduced his padawan to on their way back to Naboo if they wanted to give it a little more reasoning as to why Dooku and Qui-Gon both chose the paths they did. But even just an AOTC line or 2 about why Dooku was never comfortable as a Jedi or felt limited by the Jedi code would have helped there a lot.
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    Well, JT. Alot more of Tyranus' background was revealed in the Library scene with Jocastu Nu. And supposedly Lucas feels that it never should have been cut anyway, since it talked about Qui-Gon and also why Dooku left the order. Hopefully since Lucas has had second thoughts about the scene's deletion, it will end up restored to the film. It really deserves to be.

    Not to mention I assume that we will learn more about why in Episode III, since Dooku is supposed to return in that one as well. Im relatively sure that it's not quite as cut and dried as what Dooku told Obi-Wan. Alot of them sound like half truths to me, like maybe he has designs on taking out Sidious and becoming the big boss.

    We know that he didn't like how the Jedi were used as a resource by the Senate. And since the Jedi Council wasn't willing to change that arrangement, he probably got sick of them. Remeber if Qui-Gon passed on his ideals to Obi-Wan, it makes since that could be a possibility. His mistrust of politicians could come from Qui-Gon, who got it from Dooku.

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