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    Lightbulb Let your armies stand up and be counted!

    Are you up to it?

    You don't need to have them set up in a diorama, they can be just on a book shelf, mixed or what not. This is the thread to show what you've got!

    Stormtroopers guarding the Emperor's Throne room

    Hoth rebel troops in the trenches

    Battle Droid Unit

    Droidekas with shields up
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    Impressive...most impressive. I love the Droidekas, great shield effect. Here are my puny, pathetic "Armies"-
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    My armies are forming up. Hopefully I can get some pictures tonight.

    After they are in formation, they may organize a parade celebrating JarJarBinks' 5000th post.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    Hey you said armys STAND UP, the Battle Droid are just sittin around!

    I may grab some pictures of my army builders, I know I've got a picture with all my Clone Troopers in my Arena dio on here somewhere.
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    Hey you said armys STAND UP, the Battle Droid are just sittin around!

    Battle Droid Unit ready to attack LTBasker's Clone troopers!
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    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    I love them all!!!!!!!!!! I have to get my GUNGAN ARMY READY!

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    Hi all, im new to sirsteves jusy wanted to say hi and to ask you guys to check out my garrison of lego stormtroopers let me know what you think of the photos and the display, its made out of 17 final duel II packs nd one final duel I pack. its in the members collection section

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    Hey does anyone know where to pick up stands with double pegs? SW Insider used to have them, but I haven't seen them anywhere else. These are the only ones that seem to work for the battle droids.

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    They were supposed to have them available through, but I don't know if they have replaced the single-peg versions yet. I'm pretty sure the clear, round ones are made by Real Action Stands, so I would look for those online. EntertainmentEarth also has some stands, I think.
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