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    Sorry to break it to you, but don't count on it. The Ents advance on Isenguard after the orc legions march off to Helm's Deep. The few remaining scatter at the sight of the Ents. The Ents and Hourns scare the crap out of the orcs and the only weapons they have against them are axes and fire. Fire being the deadliest and most painful death for an Ent (one goes up in flames in the book, not sure if we will see it in the movie). Axes are pretty bad too, but it would take many, many axe blows to kill an Ent, and you can guarantee that anyone who hits an Ent with an axe once will never get a chance to swing a second time.

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    True, do you think Quickbeam will get burnt and die?
    What are Hourns?

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    Beechbone is the name of the Ent who was set on fire, in the book.

    The Huorns are a little harder to describe, so I will use Merry's description from the book:

    "It was the Huorns, or so the Ents call them in "short language". Treebeard won't say much about them, but I think they are Ents that have become almost like trees, at least to look at. They stand here and there in the wood or under it's eaves, silent, watching endlessly over the trees; but deep in the darkest dales there are hundreds and hundreds of them, I believe.

    "There is a great power in them, and they seem able to wrap themselves in shadow; it is difficult to see them moving. But they do. They can move very quickly, if they are angry. You stand still looking at the weather, maybe, or listening to the rustling of the wind, and then suddenly you find that you are in the middle of a wood with great groping trees all around you. They still have voices, and can speak with the Ents -- that is why they are called Huorns, Treebeard says -- but they have become queer and wild. Dangerous. I should be terrified of meeting them, if they were no true Ents about to look after them."

    (I seriously hope the autocensor doesn't edit out the word q u e e r or replace it with 'fairy'. Back when this book was written, that word simply meant "strange.")

    Anyways, I haven't really heard anything about the Huorns being in the movie at all, so I am not sure. A big group of them appears behind the orc armies at Helm's Deep and the orcs who run to them for cover from the Roharians are never seen again.

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    Just found this at TORN ( and thought I would pass it along. It is a list of all the known deviations from the book of TTT, along with a credibility rating and the source of the rumor.

    The bad news, according to these rumors: Saruman and Wormtongue die at the end of TTT, and the Scouring of the Shire is beginning to look like it will never happen in the movies. Also we will most likely see a detachment of Elves fighting at Helm's Deep and Arwen supposedly brings the reforged Narcil to Aragorn at the end of Helm's Deep. Oh yeah, no Huorns either.

    There's much more so go check it out. Of course, there are major movie spoilers here that have nothing to do with the book either. So be warned.

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    Darn, if they die at the end of TTT, then there would be no real point of having the Scouring of the Shire. Though it would make a better overall movie if gthey died in this one. BTW great find BigB!

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    I think TTT will be a more satisfying film if Saruman and Grima die at the end. This would also allow ROTK to focus solely on Sauron. Although it hurts the overall integrity of the series to stray so far from the books. But I do understand the cinematic necessity for something like this (more dynamic, more focused, more concise).

    Oh well, PJ did say that this was going to be his version of LOTR, so changes like this should be expected. We will see how he handles it.

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    DUDE! I can't wait! I am so freaking out now since the DVD was released! I haven't been this excited about a serious of films since...well, STAR WARS!

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    Thanks BigB for posting the pics!!! Can't wait to see the movie!!!
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    No quickbeam!!!!!!!



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