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    Talking Hasbro's Ultimate Collector Search!

    This is pretty cool...Hasbro's searching for the Ultimate Collector, although I thought Steve Sansweet was already deemed that. haha..

    If you're 4-14

    If you're 15+

    Anyway check the prize list...

    One (1) GRAND PRIZE WINNER, selected from eligible entries, will be awarded a STAR WARS action figure crafted in his or her likeness, a trip to Hasbro for the winner and a guest (if winner is under age 18, his/her guest must be a parent/guardian) to join the STAR WARS team for a day (trip includes coach class airfare for two from the major airport nearest to winnerís home, hotel accommodations chosen by Sponsor for two days and one night, and $200.00 in cash for expenses), a complete set of Hasbro 2003 STAR WARS EPISODE II 3.75-inch basic action figures (to be determined by Hasbro), a JORG SACUL action figure and a Hasbro STAR WARS EPISODE II action figure poster.
    That's a pretty sweet package! What do you think?
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    So the guy who spends the most money or time on his collection wins?

    Great contest.
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    JUDGING: Each entry meeting eligibility criteria will be judged based on its representation of attributes deemed to be relevant by Hasbro in its sole discretion. Attributes/criteria used to evaluate collections may include, but may not necessarily be limited to the following:
    Creativity of display and/or storage method
    Size of collection
    Answers to required Questionnaire
    Breadth of collection (variety of characters, vehicles and films represented throughout the collection)
    Collections must contain only product issued by, and marketed under the following three brand names: (1) Hasbro; (2) Kenner; and/or (3) Galoob.
    The basic idea is cool, but it seems to favor people who are loaded, have tons of room for display, and have had incredible luck finding stuff. So I say jeers to Hasbro! Jeers! Jeers!

    Wonder if I could win by saying my figures are on a bookshelf, except the ones that are stored in my closet? Or should I just not waste my time?

    I'd still like a Jorg Sacul.
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    I have a decent collection but seriously doubt it would win a contest like that. I'm not loaded, nor do I have space to display it. I just thought the prize package was decent. Whoever does win is a lucky @*%$!

    That would be cool if the winner got all the variations of the 2003 set as well. haha.

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    too bad i have no chance in hell of winning...... and i'm almost a year over the age limit, so i could do it too!!!but why should i bother if we have everything from 1995-1996(whenever the red cards and the green cards with the holo stuff whereout) out of the pack..................................
    EDIT IN: i bet next years figs will suck if they are giving a whole set away..... J/K
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    WOOHOO! Sweet! I'm 12, have a fairly large collection, and I could use all the 2003 figs (of course). However, I already have two Jorgs . . . if I win I suppose I could sell it . . .
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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    if your 12 then you can't enter. gotta be 15 or older....
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    would nice to enter but i have been only been collect since es 1 and have a few potf figures. but heck i am a card collecter. But would be nice to fet a hold of a couple of the items up for grabs.

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    So this is the 'Christmas entertainment' at Hasbro.

    Look at all the multiples! If we had only done figures with and without backgrounds and hologram stickers, we'd be even richer!

    This is just a really stupid marketing ploy to find out who buys the most (that being the guy who thinks every variation and paint error is sacred). If I enter, all my pictures will have cut-up figures and a big poster that says "HASBRO SUCKS"

    Like I want the mostly-recycled Jorg. Or a year's worth of inferior product (at this rate, stores might accept a whopping 6 figures while still getting rid of the glut from 4/23). And an action figure of! That would get me more bragging rights than being a moderator at TFN!
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    Ultimate Collector? Whatever.
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