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    A Question Regarding the Saga Exclusives

    Hello, all.

    I have a question re: the slew of exclusives that are coming out in the Saga line.

    1. Are the C-3PO and Yoda Deluxes exclusive to Target? I have gotten both off of eBay, but didn't think they were exclusive to Target. However all the newer auctions are listing them as such.


    2. What are the release dates for all of the known Wal-Mart exclusives?

    That's all.

    Anyone? Anyone? Binks? Binks? (said as slowly and monotonally as possible)


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    No the Yoda and C-3PO Deluxe figures are not Target exclusives and as far as the actual release dates for Wal-Mart exclusives go that varies from store to store since there is no actual set date.
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    I do believe most the fully confirmed exclusives have been released in various amounts, including the 12" Taun-Taun/Luke and the Walmart Cantina sets.

    Walmart is said to be picking up Nightclub sets and a 12" Max Rebo Band. Release date not yet confirmed.

    Then we have the (FAO) Imperial Shuttle, TRU 12" Leia w/ Carbonite Han, and the Fan Club Endor Trooper 4-pack. 12" Plo Koon is still rumored as well (Fan Club, like Ki). That should about do it for the other exclusives of the year.
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