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    Who is the biggest pegwarmer in your area?

    Which figure/ship/beast/anything is the biggest pegwarmer in your area? In mine it's the Reek...So many Reek...There are tons of them, then some get bought. Know what goes in their place? More Reek!!! Then they shorten the shelf lengths, but there are still the same amount of Reek...I can't take it, all the Reek, Reek, Reek, Reek, REEK!!!!! And not an Acklay in sight.

    "Ohnomyfriendthisisamistakeaterriblemistaketheyhav egonetoofarthisismadness!" -Count Dooku, AOTC

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    Our Wal-marts knocked the price of Reeks down to $5 and then they all disappeared.

    The biggest pegwarmer for us absolutely has to be Jar Jar.

    Sorry JJ.
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    Peasent Anakin
    Battle Droid
    Super Battle Droid
    Tusken Mother
    Bespin Vader
    Geo Mace
    FB Jango
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
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    Ohh, I have to say Zam Wessel (I guess it doesn't pay to die early in the film). I walked into one store and there were like 30 Zams and 2 Jar Jars. That was all. Nothing else in the whole store.

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    Zam, C-3P0, Kit, and Padme.
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    anakin opd
    Ireland rule!!!!!
    Next on List : Destroyer Droid (Arena Battle) ,Clone Trooper with Speeder bike, Geo Arena, Dooku Speeder, Aayla Secura (Jedi Knight), Barris Offee (Jedi Knight), Commerce Guild Spider Droid!!!!!

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    OPD Anakin
    CC Obi-Wan
    Kamino Jango
    "There is no pain where strength lies"-Darth Maul
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    Zam Wesell, Lady Tusken, Senator JarJar, Quick-Draw Padme, and Anakin "Ya down with " OPD (Yeah, You Know Me) round out the top five in my area...

    Max Power

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    Padme and Geonosian Rescue Mace Windu.
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    geez, the only place I can find any figures from 4/23 is at TRU! Target and Wal-mart seemed to have cleared them all out. Zam seems to be hanging around a lot though.


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