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    Where to purchase the kotobukiya statues?

    Ive been looking (not increadably hard, due to time constrants) but looking none the less for a place to buy them!
    So, when I have the money I can get both Vader, and the clone trooper where where!

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  3. #3 has the Clone Trooper and Anakin for about $95 each.

    A little pricey for me!!

    Good Luck
    May the force be with You!!!!!

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    cool thanks.
    I had hlj open earlier but didnt get a chance to look (just opened the page and had to take off for a few )

    hmmmm Kits.. thought they were 1 piece factoried. oh well, still cool.
    I plan on saving money over a period of time, then dropping it on one at a time. we'll see..
    thanks guys

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    Here's an article about them in Toyfare#61:

    You've got to see these soft vinyl kits to believe them. They're utterly mind-blowng. Vader here stands about 14 inches tall (that's 1:7 scale), and he's joined by his alter ego, Anakin Skywalker and a Clonetrooper. Expect to lay out $100 apiece for these suckers- import only.
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    Originally posted by Thunderstorm1 has the Clone Trooper and Anakin for about $95 each.

    A little pricey for me!!

    Good Luck
    HLJ is probably going to be your best bet right now. They're $82.61 if I remember correctly which is a wee bit better.

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    Yep, my sister-in-law just happens to be the surrogate mother for a couple in Japan and the husband checked the toy stores over there for these things. They sell for about $80 off the shelf, so $95 for an import price isn't too bad.

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    The Obi Wan looks FANTASTIC.

    ...That is all.
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    hey bigbarada
    Was there any problem "assembling" them? If they were purchased.
    That kind of turned me off, say by chance I screw it up thats $95 gone hehehe
    Although, it looked like anyone with simple hand-eye cooridination could handle cementing them together, I'd feel more assured, if someone had already done it and can vouche for the ease of construction

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    I don't know anything about the assembly, since my brother hasn't gotten them yet (his Japanese friend isn't a collector and was simply doing my brother a favor, since my brother's wife is carrying their child ). I will let you know as soon as they arrive, which will probably be next month sometime (the baby is due in Sept.).

    I can sympathize with spending gobs of cash for an import toy only to goof it up trying to put it together. I once paid $135 for a Marmit Stormtrooper and ripped the black undersuit trying to put the armor over it.


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