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    AT-ST With Paploo CONFIRMED!!!!(Pictures)

    Hasbro's Republic News confirmed this set as a TRU exclusive for 2002! To see the pictures and details check it out here

    Big picture of Paploo loose
    At-ST loose with Paploo

    Continuing the series of collector favorite vehicles in diorama scenes, Hasbro will be releasing an AT-ST with speeder bike and Paploo the Ewok early next year.

    As seen in Return of the Jedi, Paploo's speeder bike joyride distracted the Imperial scout troopers allowing General Solo's team to enter the bunker on Endor.

    The AT-ST features stomping legs, a rotating turret, pivoting weaponry, and the cockpit holds one pilot (sold separately), all in diorama packaging recreating the movie scene on the store shelf.

    Look for this Hasbro exclusive at Toys R Us early in 2002.
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