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    AT-ST With Paploo CONFIRMED!!!!(Pictures)

    Hasbro's Republic News confirmed this set as a TRU exclusive for 2002! To see the pictures and details check it out here

    Big picture of Paploo loose
    At-ST loose with Paploo

    Continuing the series of collector favorite vehicles in diorama scenes, Hasbro will be releasing an AT-ST with speeder bike and Paploo the Ewok early next year.

    As seen in Return of the Jedi, Paploo's speeder bike joyride distracted the Imperial scout troopers allowing General Solo's team to enter the bunker on Endor.

    The AT-ST features stomping legs, a rotating turret, pivoting weaponry, and the cockpit holds one pilot (sold separately), all in diorama packaging recreating the movie scene on the store shelf.

    Look for this Hasbro exclusive at Toys R Us early in 2002.
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    Very, very cool!!!!

    Of course, the prototype figure is just a repainted POTF2 Wicket with a new cowl, but hopefully the actual figure will be better. Oh wait, this is Hasbro we are talking about....

    Wasn't this supposed to come with a Chewie figure also??
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    Re: BOO-YAAH!!!!!

    Originally posted by bigbarada
    Wasn't this supposed to come with a Chewie figure also??
    No that was just on the prototype package to see what it'll look like!
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    I like it!

    Looks very good and it gives the people that didn't get the 95 AT-ST a chance to own one now! The damage look will go great with dioramas.
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    Very cool set. Hope they offer more Ewoks like Paploo.

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    What do I think of this set?

    Contact me if you are interested in buying a 1995 / 96 POTF2 ATST, loose, with packaging kept in mint condition (in other words can be repacked), all stickers applied, emptied sheet, instructions, and "Kenner" product booklet included taken fresh out of a really cool, sealed Battle of Endor scene.

    Ditto for the description of a 1996 Speederbike with Scout Trooper set, box, stickers, booklet, etc. only I am keeping the Scout Trooper.

    (You don't need to move this to Classifieds as I'm probably joking)

    BUT WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST CARD PAPLOO for the Force's sake?

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    That's simple, they neded a reason for people to buy a twicew rehashed vehicle. They have to justify churning out old product somehow and to do that they include a minor new gimmick. Or they just change the packaging slightly.

    I was a bit gutted when I first noticed the wicket head poking through that cool cowl. Obviously it's just a prototype but I don't understand with theses newer Ewoks why Hasbro are making them care bears. I mean theses are are forest savages we're talking about. Hunter gatherers not cute honey eating bears. Where's the aggression? Where's the nable savage? PAH!
    That said I like the idea of a non exploding speeder bike and a new figure as a pack in but if it's a pack in, then it's gonna blow. When did Hasbro ever put any care or detail into a pack in figure?
    I'll still buy it though, I need another AT-ST for my troops inspired Tatooine diorama.

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    Thumbs up

    I think it is great. I was looking forward to this one. COme we are getting another Ewok. This and the Crahsed Snowspeeder are on the top of my list.
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    Sorry if that sounded totally negative. It wasn't meant to. I'm pleased about the new Ewok but just lamenting that a good opportunity to help reverse the cutesy factor has been missed. The AT-ST looks cool with the moss effect on the feet and up the leg. I always like this vehicle. It was the only one of the vintage ones I had so it's kinda special to me. The speeder bike could lose out with the new all joined up look but then again it might look better for it.
    Paploo is a great addition to the Ewok collection as long as they don't stop after Teebo next year. Five ewoks isn't really any kind of threat to the empire is it? More Ewoks please.
    I love the cowl on that Prototype. It seems pretty much spot on to me.

    See - I'm not negative all the time....

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    This is my 400th Post!!!

    A repainted, reused mold for the AT-ST. A repainted, reused mold for the speederbike. A repainted, reused mold for the Ewok.... Which means I'll probably buy it...

    (sigh) And it's an Exclusive, which means I'll never see it except in online pictures like this one...

    Damn you Hasbro.
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