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    This is getting ridiculous.... Anyone seen the new Unleashed yet?!!!

    Still nothing in Northern Cali but I keep seeing on Ebay how the East Coast is just brimming with sellers

    Anyone spot them in stores anywhere yet?? If anything itll ease my frustraion with them possibly being recalled
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    They have not been recalled. You have nothing to worry about, all you have to do is keep hunting and have patience. They only started showing up here the first of the month, and things always seem to show up on the East Coast first.

    You will find them sooner or later, just don't resort to Ebay, unless you can get a good deal. Especially when alot of the sellers are claiming the Padme was recalled or cancelled, or other BS like that. It's just an attempt to get more money out of people.

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    amen, JJB. that's what drives everything and anything these days. the o' mighty $$$. stupid ebay........................
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    I saw 2x of Anakin, Padme, and Vader this past Saturday at my southern TRU. And this is a TRU that didn't even get the AT-ST, Landspeeder, or X-Wing.

    So there is hope.

    Edit: Perhaps a word of advice, I found them not where Jango and Maul were displayed (in the main Saga setup). I found them hanging next to the POTJ figures, one Vader sitting on the 25th 2-packs. So look everywhere.
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    I've seen new "unleashed" figures at KB stores here in Buffalo, NY... Vader, Anakin, and Padme.

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    buffalo? cool, maybe I will find them come the weekend =)

    new at-st is out now?!
    and the landspeeder is? dayum!

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    things always seem to show up on the East Coast first.
    Jar Jar Binks
    unless this is a typo, my response to you is: WHAT?!?!? are you HIGH?!? do you have ANY idea how much pain I go through every single day perusing the just found forums, seeing in LA "I just found TA Anakin!" and "Hey look! I just got watto!" and then having to wait MONTHS for them to hit over here?!? Every time I go to the store I keep thinking "ok, well they've been out forever on the west coast, it's about time for them to show" and then I find not a single trace of anything even REMOTELY new.
    I want vader unleashed soooooooooooooo bad- kb's here get their shipments on wednesdays, and if I don't find him tomorrow I'll simply go crazy.
    rant over
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    Nope, nothing new here...Hopefully the Dooku comes here though, thats the only one I really want.
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    East Coast first my @ss. I haven't seen anything past Chewie yet. No Ki-Adi, No Anakin, No Vader Unleashed. Squat.
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    Yes, as you can see, us New Englanders have all become bitter old men thanks to a severe lack of new product. Why must you taunt us so, Jar Jar??

    The thing is the newer stuff does show up around these parts rather frequently, but it always seems to be in such horribly short supply that they're gone in no time. For example, I stumbled across a case of the Ki-Adi Mundi wave about a month ago and haven't seen his or any subsequent waves since then. I assume it'll probably be clogging the pegs in a month or so just like the previously "hard to find" Chewie wave is now, but we're getting a little tired of always having to wait up here. Poor Detori's probably gonna go off the deep end if he doesn't get his Unleashed Vader soon.
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