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    I am still hurting from watching Waterworld. I can't even look at Kevin Costner anymore.

    My wonder how they can market Pluto Nash as the "Summer's biggest comedy" with Austin Powers 3 being out.
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    I thought the biggest flop ever was Heaven's Gate by Michael Cimino. It pretty much ruined his career.

    As for Pluto Nash, I could tell by the trailer that the funniest parts of the movie were in that same trailer, a la MIIB. At this point in his career I think Eddie Murphy should stick to what he does best: evaluating the feet of Hollywood Blvd. transvestite streetwalkers in his car.
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    Heaven's Gate was pulled from the theaters 3 days after it's release. It cost $44 million to make and it took in $1.5 million in those 3 days.

    Not necessarily the biggest flop ever but it was an amazingly quick fall for Cimino who had such huge success with The Deer Hunter 2 years before.
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    I haven't sceen this movie and don't plan to. Still did you know that they are haveing a contest around this movie. I don't know a whole lot about it, but the winner gets a trip to space camp or something like that or and this is the kicker 100 akers of land on the Moon. How cool is that? I'd take the Moon land. I mean how many people actually own land on the Moon. You know how much that will be worth in the future? Imagin getting free land in Beverly Hills in 1850. Same thing. In 100 years that Moon land could be worth millions .

    I'm being a bit sarcastic, but I'd still take the moon land. It's a very unique prize and something not to many people have . Oh, the contest is real. Ask your local movie theater for details .
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    Being something of an Eddie Murphy fan (especially his Honeymooners routine ), I'd like to see it. I planned all along to check it on when it's available to rent, and it looks like everyone else did as well.

    BTW, Waterworld rules!
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    I just didn't understand the advertising of this film. All the promos were awful, and there really was not much advanced hype. Hype (though false) might have boosted the opening numbers. Too bad, because I really like Eddie Murphy. I've seen several trailers for Eye Spy, with Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson, and that movie looks quite funny.
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    I will not bother to see it.
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    i think eddie knew this was going to be a flop and decided to do eye spy to get his carrer back on track. but nothing can help his carrer more than if he did more nutty professors! he said so himself that he loves being all those charaters!
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    I, too, would like to have my own piece of moon...
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    Originally posted by Mandalorian Candidat
    At this point in his career I think Eddie Murphy should stick to what he does best: evaluating the feet of Hollywood Blvd. transvestite streetwalkers in his car.
    Hey now, there are no transvestite streetwalkers on Hollywood blvd! The actual female streetwalkers are on Sunset blvd and the transvestite streetwalkers are on Santa Monica blvd in West Hollywood. Common knowledge people, come on!

    The studio apparently has been sitting on Pluto Nash for nearly 2 years, but I've been seeing a few good non-industry reviews of the film lately (though reviews from a year ago sound like it was reworked a lot, never a good sign).
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