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    I'm really doubtful about Sy-Klone. Mattel also said that there would be one additional female figure post wave 3. My guess would be for Adam, Evil Lyn and Buzz Off(. ).
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    I wouldn't have expected Sy-Klone either, but i saw the picture. This is a list of everything that was pictured :

    1. He-Man Heroic Warriors Assortment - Wave 4 :
    Martial Arts He-Man
    Prince Adam
    Power Gauntlet

    Descriptions :
    Prince Adam - He comes with Royal scepter and sword
    Martial Arts He-Man - weapon twirling right hand, nunchucks, 5 weapons
    Sy-Klone - upper torso spinning action, shield, and some wierd red thing around his shoulders
    Man-at-arms - missle launcher

    2. Villain assortment (no number?)
    Bat Blade Skeletor
    Trapjaw - launching arm device, with 3 weapons
    Tri-Klops - w/ Doomseeker & sword

    3. He-Man Wave 3
    Teela - w/ waist twist action, cobra staff, sword, shield
    Orko - Magial stand, orb launcher
    Bolo Blade He-Man

    4. He-Man Land Battle Vehicle Assortment
    Battle Tank w/ He-Man
    Battle Ram Chariot w/ Skeletor

    5. He-Man Marine Battle Vehicle (lame looking)
    War Whale - He-Man's vehicle
    Attack Squid - Skeletor's vehicle

    6. He-Man BEast Riders assortment
    Battle Raptor - skeletor's new beast
    Battle Cat - Samuri gear

    7. He-Man Adventure Packs
    He-Man's Eagle flight pack - orange bird
    Skeletor's Bat flight pack -

    8. He-Man mimi - includes :
    - Jungle He-Man
    - Cobra Armor Skeletor
    - Teele
    - Orko
    - Trapjaw
    - Tri-Klops

    9. He-Man mini gift set - includes :
    - Cobra Armor Skeletor
    - Orko
    - Jungle He-Man
    - Exclusive Ram Man

    That is everything that is pictured that i saw.
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    Looks like Evenflow was right, sorry for any doubts. updated and did confirm that those rumored figures are in Wave 4. They also have the prototype picture of the Prince Adam figure.

    August 22

    According to Mattel, wave four of the Masters of the Universe toy line will ship in February of 2003. It will include seven new figures.

    Four of the figures slated for this wave are:

    Martial Arts He-Man: with weapon twirling right hand, nunchucks, and five weapons

    Prince Adam: with royal scepter and finger flick missile, and waist twist action

    Sy-Klone: with cool upper torso spinning action and shield

    Power Gauntlet Man-at-Arms: with power gauntlet finger flick missile launcher

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    Great news! For a while most of us He-Man collectors were thinking that the figures would be really spaced out but it looks that Mattel is going to release them at a faster pace then originally expected.
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    I personally can't wait for Teela, Orco, and Ram Man to come out. Unfortunatly, I'm still looking for Mer Man. I just can't seem to track THAT guy down.
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    Jayspawn, Ram Man is out. People are finding him and Jungle Attack He-Man at primarily Wal-Mart's. The case breakdown sucks though, I posted it in the other He-Man figures thread.

    3 Jungle Attack He-Man
    2 He-Man (Orginal)
    1 Ram Man

    No Mekanek or Mekanek variant at all in the cases yet, and only the 1 Ram Man. Like I also said in the other thread, if you thought Hasbro had a case assortment problem, then you haven't seen Mattel's.

    Oh, and Mer-Man is also out there. But he's a tough find because Mattel packed him only 1 to a case. I swear they are trying to kill the line with their stupid packing choices. Atleast they said they would start shipping more of him soon.

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    Originally posted by Darth Nihilus
    What was shown at SDCC - Samurai He-Man, Samurai Skeletor, Samurai Man-at-Arms, Samurai Battle Cat, War Whale, Attack Squid, The adventure packs, Teela, Tri-Klops, Trap Jaw and Orko.
    You forgot Raptor.
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    Here's some pictures of the new figures for all you He-Fans. First set of pictures is Bolo Blade He-Man, Orko, and Teela. The He-Man is kind of a rip-off, but the other two are nice. These pictures are from Action Figure Express.

    Second set here is a more finalized Prince Adam, Power Gauntlet Man-At-Arms, Martail Arts He-Man, and Sy-Klone. I really like the update to Sy-Klone, though I wish they would have done someone else first, like Man-E-Faces.

    This last set is the Villian Assotment 3, which includes Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops w/ Doomseeker, and Bat Blade Skeletor. The Skeletor looks pretty cool, I have to say. But I would rather have seen a Keldor figure as a new version of Skeletor.

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    I agree JarJar they should have made Keldor instead!
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    I have said it before and I will say it again, that Teela is one sharp looking figure!! To me that is one of the best of the line so far, and the entire line rocks!!
    I like the Sy-Klone fig as well.
    Looks like many, many more dollars will be spent on these toys in my future.
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