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    Those Jungle Attack He-Mans are spawning in rapid numbers in my area. He's becoming as plentiful as his regular alter-ego. I've only ever seen one Mer-Man and one Ram-man on the shelves yet (and now they fight for the forces of good or evil on my shelf .

    Of the figures that they have shown prototypes for, the only one that doesn't have a set release date yet is Whiplash. Hopefully, Mattel will get off of this current case assortment funk they're in, and release something besides He-Mans and Skellys.

    I ran into a kid the other day at TRU who was disappointed because he already had a He-Man and Skeletor, but wanted a Beastman that he couldn't find. The store only had He's and Skellys unfortunately.

    The new show is great though. I've only caught 2 1/2 episodes so far, but they rocked.
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    Check out the q & a over at (part three) about next years figures and more!

    One thing that stood out to me is that there will only be two villian waves next year---the whole year! There will be two this year (and in only six months time period).
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    I'm seeing a lot of Jungle HeMans and RamMans out there. Still no sign of Mecha-Neck yet. Should be soon I should think.
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