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    Talking Simpsons Figures New Releases

    I thought it was time I started a Simpsons Figures post where we can keep track of the new releases. I live in Los Angeles, and this is definitely a hot market for toys. I collect mainly Star Wars, but I keep my eyes peeled for Simpsons figures as well.

    About a month ago we got Series FIVE out here at the Targets ($4.99), TRU's ($5.99), and KB-Toys ($6.99). They went quickly, and it was a couple of weeks before I saw any re-stocking of the shelves. Now you'd be lucky to find a Side Show Mel or a Kent.

    Yesterday I found a Dark Horse Comics store that had the full set of Series SIX. Dr. Hibbert, Snake, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Carl, Mascot Homer, & Professor Frink. They look great!!! Happy hunting...

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    the new treehouse of horrors set is out
    im glad to see this item has a shelf life of 11 minutes

    i hope they make a good amount of these

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    well as the kang an kodos so sucessfully eluded
    me this day..
    i took great satisfaction in reciving my radioactive man fallout boy set
    it is a really nice set ...almost as nice as the arcade
    but that damn kang n kodos

    oh well

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    Unhappy Target Simpsons Clearance Prices

    I don't quite know how to take this. I'm finding that several Targets in the Los Angeles area that have marked down all their Simsons toys. Playsets are $13 and change - Figures are $3.40!!! The only thing I'm seeing so far is left-overs of series FIVE, and Apu/Bowl-a-Rama. Is this too good to be true? Or has Target taken the Simpsons off their line-up? I can't figure it out...

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    They're probably just making room for the series 6 stuff.
    Thomas Lane

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    More sries SIX

    I'm seeing more and more series SIX figures at some of the local comic shops. They've all been in the $8 - $10 range though. Nothing at the major retailers yet.

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    Talking Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy

    I found the Diamond exclusive two-pack for $30 at a comic shop in Studio City today. DJ's Comics received a few cases this morning. These guys are cool!!!

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    The Boy Genius (a friend of mine) brought me all of the latest wave except Mascot Homer (which I did not want) over last weekend, plus the both new playsets. I'm caught up again until Wave 7! Kang and Kodos are now menacing Bleeding Gums Murphy (the only one I've opened so far). He also brought me the Christmas playset, a set I can't say I recall seeing anything about previously. It is nice but I probably won't keep it in the collection.
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    Well I don't really collect Simpsons figures, but I have picked up a few of my fave chars, and I guess I'm not alone in my area, cause no matter what store I go into, I see loads of simpsons figures. The last 2 waves are quite common to find, and you can get the older ones at comic book stores and suncoasts for pretty cheap. I even saw the new THOH2 set, they had about 6 of them, and when I went back a week later, they still had about 5.

    So they're not exactly flying off the shleves in this area.
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    I'm seeing tons of Wave 5 on the shelves (including Kent and Mel, and I'm not too far out of LA), and saw Wave 6 for the first time last night--at a KB, so I passed on them at $8 . Thanks to the valiant efforts of coheteboy, though, I've got Hibbert, Dancin' Homer (I refuse to call him Mascot Homer), Snake, Kang & Kodos, and the Christmas set.

    Simpsons figures rule!
    That's my jacket!


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