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    I love the new look of Zelda. I think that one of the problems with 3d platformers is that they start to feel and look like the same game with different characters. The new Zelda definately stands out from the pack. I don't understand why Zelda looking cartoony is a big deal, the original NES and SNES games looked this way as well...the series is just going back to its roots a little bit. I'm sure the gameplay will be amazing.

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    yeah, what Herby said
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    I don't really mind that they changed it but when the excuse, "the original NES and SNES games looked this way as well...the series is just going back to its roots a little bit" is used, I do mind.

    Why don't we just go back to the way games looked like on our old Atari 2600s then?

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    I still play my Atari 2600 all the time! I have no problem with that!
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    The new Zelda is going to be awesome!! I like the new look. The N64 versions were amazing but when I saw that they were originally going to step up the realism for the GC release I was more than a little apprehensious. Many games have been ruined by the designers trying to get too realistic (FF8 anyone?). Glad to see that Miyamoto isn't afraid to toy around with his most successful creations.

    I have to disagree with you on Turok's controls, preacher. To me they were the best control system possible for an FPS. You could actually look around and walk straight forward at the same time. Maybe it's because the first FPS game I really played was Turok and those controls seem much more natural to me than something like GoldenEye's.
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    Goldeneye's (and Perfect Dark's) controls are my favourite in an FPS. I always changed Turok's controls to Goldeneye-style. And the Primagen in Turok 2 was insanely hard!
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    I picked up Mario Sunshine last night, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. I am looking forward to it.
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    Mario Sunshine is terrific! By the way, having the game go back to its NES and SNES roots is not a copout at all. If they wanted Zelda to have a realistic look back then, it would have been possible. I think a realistic Gamecube Zelda would have been a mistake and a let down. I certainly am much more excited about "Cellda" than the more realistic demo they showed at the launch of the system. Look at the PS2 remake of Rygar, the NES game tried to be realistic, therefore the remake has a look that mimics the NES game.

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    Overall I like Super Mario Sunshine, it seems to be a little more challenging since it is a different method of battling with the charachters. It has a very close Super Mario 64 format.
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