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    Talking A Dedication to this forum.

    I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who frequents this forum. From the first day I posted a thread, everyone has been very helpful and insightful making this a favorite location to share action fleet.

    I know alot of us have felt alittle let down due to the poor marketing promotion set forth by Hasbro. Here is something I hope cheers everyone up.
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    What are those? Repainted Starship Troopers figures?

    Cool, Sakay!
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    Originally posted by SWAFMAN
    What are those? Repainted Starship Troopers figures?

    Cool, Sakay!
    Looks like they're from the Theed set with the Gian Speeder, but I could be wrong, I haven't looked at it in awhile.

    Very nice Sakay, nice work on the Slave 1, I noticed you also painted little sections to make it more detailed, nice job. One thing about the Jango Fett though, if you could track down 2 extra Panaka AF figures, you could do arm swaps and be able to have Jango's dual chrome blasters.
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    excellent paint work on slave I, i love the customizin' of the figures as well!

    an excellent job.

    the beauty with the old action fleet slave I is that if they wish to re-release it with new jango fett colors, they could also use the vacant space within the hull, that originally contained the han'sicle, to house a weapons system that should be access from a movable front panel of the hull. that would be soooo cool!


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    Very cool Sakay, glad to have you aboard here!

    GSJ, I would hope they'd do better than simply putting different accessories in the Han-hatch. I would want a full retooling, start from scratch and make it even better.
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    So, this lasted one post before it went OT

    GSJ, that sonic charge is definitely an 'a' sound isn't it It happens to be one of my favourite parts in all of the SW films and one of the best sounds.

    As soon as the DvD is out, I am sampling it and using it percussively in a drum rhythm with a sub-bass


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    Red face Just as I thought a repaint!

    I thought it be interesting to push this thread back to the top. Compared to what Hasbro gave us, I don't think I did too bad, plus I have the Jango Fett figure to go along with it. It's been sometime since I've posted, I'd like to say hi to everyone! Havent't posted but I have been following your threads.

    I am still working on my customs, everythings still in mid production. I hope to make another Slave I and install a weapons system, hopefully I can do it justice!

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    I'm impressed, took me awhile to realise yours was a painted verion than the new Slave One repaint. Cool


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