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  • Jango Fett's Slave One takes the Bounty!

    136 52.51%
  • The Imperial TIE Bomber Blasts them all!

    123 47.49%
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    just an observation.... this is gonna be close!!
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    Mandalorian Candidate: you sure SLAVE-ONE was that hard to get?

    It's easy here and San Diego is a good size city with enough collectors around (though nothing like L.A. I'm told).

    But what about Targets and Toys R Us'. Jango's ship was not an exclusive. K-mart has a lot of them, too.

    And yes Flembar, this one's going to be really close!

    They're both top vehicles!

    I'd like to see them both get a fair chance and best luck to the rightful winner (which I hope is Jango
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    I like both the Bomber and Slave 1, but I really like the new Slave 1 a lot. My biggest problem with the Tie Bomber is it doesn't feel as toyish as Slave 1. Its more of a collectors item then for the kids. True it comes with a figure, a make of the 96 Tie pilot, and has bombs, Slave 1 is a head above it. Slave 1 is great for any number of reasons. It has so many great features, looks fantastic, and what is important in my mind can all it says it can. A lot of lesser vehicles can't.
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    Slave 1.

    It's so much fun to play w/.

    While I like the Bomber a lot, and think it is more aestheticly pleasing, I don't get as much play value out of it. i almost feel bad for voting against the Bomber
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    For it's size, the bomber is very dissapointing. There are no electronics, no extra features, and the bombs don't even use a complicated mechanism. The Slave-1 is cheaper, hold more figures, has firing and "gravity activated" projectiles, moving parts and a couple of nice extras. It's clearly the better toy.

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    I like both ships a lot but the Bomber is just a little better. It is better detailed and its weapons are in the right place unlike Jango's Slave 1 where the missiles are misplaced. Both are fun to play with but the Bomber is more accurate and gets my vote.

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    I would have voted for the TIE Bomber... if I could have ever found one!!! Now WMs aren't getting anymore and I'm up the creek on this unless I wanna go the scalper route. Stupid WM exclusives, there isn't even 1 WM in LA city (basin, I think Porter Ranch WM is technically in the city limits, but that's deep in the valley) and web-ordering is impossible, even though when they WERE out, all these rural WMs supposedly had 'em. Well nertz to that, Jango's ship gets my friggin' vote simply by default ("the two sweetest words in the English language!").
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    Tough call. The bomber is a great sculpt and a great addition to my growing "fleet." Slave I is also a great sculpt and has a bit more "playability" as mentioned above. In terms of sculpt, they tie. In terms of playability, it's too close to call.

    In lieu of that, I'll drop to the next level, that of price and availability. The bomber was wayyy too difficult to get ahold of, for no good reason. Hasbro claims that ships won't sell well enough, so they justify making the Bomber an exclusive that way. But they think nothing of churning out millions of Slave I's that currently are collecting dust practically everywhere I turn. The policy is inconsistent and therefore suspect. There's absolutely no reason to believe that the Bomber wouldn't have sold just as well as any other ship that has been released.

    In any case, only because it was so much easier to obtain and a bit cheaper, my vote goes to the Slave I, but my nostalgic sense wants to vote for the TIE.

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    Going to have to go with Slave 1.......same reason as tie bomber to speak of up here in Toronto.

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    Originally posted by Tycho
    Mandalorian Candidate: you sure SLAVE-ONE was that hard to get?
    Oops. Sorry about that. My brain inserted Tie Bomber where you wrote Slave 1.

    The only excuse for not buying a Slave 1 by now, other than just not wanting one, is that you're waiting for the price to go down.
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