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  • Yes, these look great! I can't wait to get 'em!

    233 26.18%
  • Yes, I'll get them if I don't have to visit a theme park.

    355 39.89%
  • No, I don't think I'm interested in these items.

    212 23.82%
  • Maybe. I'm not sure they're going to be part of my collection.

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    Are you going to collect the Disney Star Tours Figures?

    What are your plans when the Disney Exclusive Star Tours figures come out?

    There are currently plans for these 3 being offered at the theme parks starting in August.

    They may be available through the Fan Club at some point later.
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    I would feel better about these if they weren't so obviously geared towards collectors. These are toys from a children's theme park, and compared to the 'deluxe line for kids', these aren't good value at all. Should have been thrown loose in a bin, and sold for $3 each. Then the kids themselves could afford them, and not have their parents grumbling as they hand $40 (so far) over to the cashier.

    Maybe one day, following a life-threatening, dollar-inflicted papercut, Lucas will let up on the whole 'fleece the fans' thing. (wishful thinking)
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    I was going to say, "Well, yeah, they look cool enough," but Lord Tenebrous is making me feel guilty for wanting them.

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    They look a little light in the articulation, but I'm still stoked about this. I've been waiting 15 years (yes, it's been 15 years since Star Tours first opened, I was there, it was great) for toys from this ride to come out and I'm thrilled to see 4 figures. I was so jazzed when they came out with a little pull-back Action Fleet-sized Starspeeder 3000 a year ago that I not only bought myself one, I bought as many people as I could one and mailed them off in Disneyland maps. You can never have enough Star Wars droids IMO.

    BTW, little bit of trivia, the G2 droids are recycled attraction props, they were originally audio-animatronic robots dressed as birds from the less-than-spectacular "America Sings" attraction, the one that revolved yet still bored that they recently turned into the nearly as unpopular Innoventions.
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    it will be cool to have something to look at and think "man that was some trip i went on"
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    Thumbs up

    I brought my family to Disney World in January and one of the first things we did was go to Star Tours (it wasn't built the last time I was there as a kid). I thought it was great, but I was much more impressed by the AT-AT and other decor more than I was with the actual ride, (though we did ride it about 4 times). I'm not sure I'll get all the figs.... Rex annoyed me on the ride, don't think I need a figure of him to remember that. But, the R3-D3 looks pretty cool and GL-4T reminds me (sort of) of Johny Lightning???? Johnny-Five??? from the movie Short Circuit with Ally Sheedy. I'm not overly impressed with DL-X2, but it may make an interesting repair droid. So, I'll probably get a few of them, but price will also be a factor.
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    Originally posted by obi-dad
    But, the R3-D3 looks pretty cool and GL-4T reminds me (sort of) of Johny Lightning???? Johnny-Five??? from the movie Short Circuit with Ally Sheedy.
    Have to agree there, it does give off a Johnny #5 feel. Which isn't bad, cause I enjoyed the movie.

    Hopefully I'll be able to get these, I went to Disney World when I was 2-3 (my Mom won a trip from McDonalds, that's the only way we could afford it), but don't remember alot from it. We didn't go on Star Tours either cause it was being worked on or something then. I think I would've remembered that. (I remember hugging Mickey, I definitely would've remembered something related to Star Wars!...even if I didn't know about Star Wars then. )

    The Droids are great looking, and would add alot to dioramas, especially Mos Eisley and Rebel or Imperial base dioramas.
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    These MAY end up in my collection. Their kinda like the Jorg Sacul or Toyfare Vader IMO. If I didn't go, it's kinda like...What's the point.

    I know MANY will disagree with me here but these things are more like cool little momentos of your trip. If I didn't go to Toyfare 2002, or Celebration 2, or Star Tours then I really don't NEED them. Certainly not enough to pay the kinda money these are commanding in the secondary market.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I don't want to go all the way to the theme park so I'll getem through the Fan Club!!
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    I'm going to pass on them. The only one I would want is the R3, and with R3-T7 still hanging out at KB and TRU, I'll just pick up a couple more of those and re-paint it.
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