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    Pulp Fiction & Jackie Brown DVD's

    Has anyone watched these yet? Are they really good? I just bought both of them at Best Buy, they were on sale for 15.99. I can't wait to watch them.

    One a side note, Best Buy is supposed to give you a free DVD of From Dusk Till Dawn if you buy both at the same time. I am not a huge fan of that movie, but for free I'll even take a copy of Gone With the Wind. Of course, they were out of it. He said it was a limited special. They only got 5 free copies in, compared to 100 of Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. And they couldn't give me a rain check either! What a crock! Best Buy does this all the time, and it ****es me off!

    But, on a happier note, they had Loaded Weapon 1 and Drop Dead Gorgeous on DVD for 5.99 each. Two great movies!!!
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    I took full advantage of this deal and I also got the Payback DVD $5 off an $11.99 price when you bought We Were Soldiers!
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    ARGH! I tried to take advantage of it! Those hosers! They said all of the Atlanta area stores were out of it too! ARGH! ARGH! AR *cough cough* argh.........
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    What's the regular price? 19.99 ?

    I honestly don't care that much for Pulp Fiction, it's alright but I'm not into it . . . But Jackie Brown is AWESOME. I was bummed recently when trying to play my VHS copy - all kinds of sound deterioration, so I am eager to pick up the new DVD.

    Drinking screwdrivers with Pam Grier - that would make a great celebrity auction !

    QLD, I've never seen Drop Dead Gorgeous, but I picked it up for 5.99 as well. It's worth a look, I figured. I passed on Loaded Weapon I, but I will buy it eventually . . .

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    I've watched them both, they're great! I got them for the $15. 99 price that Best Buy offered them for. And I got From Dusk Till Dawn FREE with it. I already own the From Dusk Till Dawn Ultimate Edition DVD so I have an extra. I havn't watched them with the commentary yet, but the documentries on the 'Pulp' DVD are great! I like the Jack Rabbit Slims restraunt menu that comes with Pulp Fiction. I've been waiting for these for a LONG time!

    Less than a week till 'Reservoir Dogs'!
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    Yeah, I would like to pick up Reservoir Dogs too!

    And Caesar, Drop Dead Gorgeous is HILARIOUS!

    And I really really like Loaded Weapon 1 too.

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    By any chance do stores check to see if you can legally get R movies (since its restricted for 17 and up) or if you look 17 you get it, no ID or anything? Just wondering since pulp fiction is definately one of my top 10 and I want to be able to get the super-ultra-mega-edition DVD...
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    I am sure most places don't even care. But every now and then you will run into someone who actually checks ID.
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    There seems to be a problem with defective copies of Jackie Brown, so you may want to check yours. posted this information this morning.

    In other news, we've got new details for you on Buena Vista's effort to exchange your defective Jackie Brown: Collector's Edition DVDs. For the record, the problem is that on the "trivia" text option, the subtitle stream loses sync between Chapters 10 & 11. The studio is working on a solution and expects to begin manufacturing fixed discs soon. Exchanges can be arranged when the discs are ready by calling Buena Vista's customer service department at 1-800-477-2811. Thanks to Bits readers Jeff K. and Justin M. for reporting on their experiences with BVHE on this.

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    Hmmm....I will have to check mine tonight. I have a bad habit of letting my DVD's sit for months before playing them.
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