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    Micro Machine and Action Fleet Picture Thread.

    I was just looking around at some of the cool pics of things in your collections that you guys have posted, and I was thinking that it would be really cool to have a thread devoted solely to pictures.

    So, if you have pics of something cool that you have had for a long time and have not posted pics of (not so fast, Jeddah, I'm talkin' to you and your colorful test shot ), something that you just found in stores/traded for, or even a pic of something that you found on the net that you think is cool, post it hear. Let's just try to keep this to AF and Micro Machines - please no pics of your cat.

    I'll kick it off....

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    Here is a closer look at the exhaust prongs. They open and close when you turn the engine ring.

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    i just found this picture on the web of af figures

    and thought that they were presented extremely well.


    i will put together masons and my collection maybe over the weekend for a photo shoot. i'v been meaning to do it for some time now. this thread has given me a good reason to git off my arse and go do it
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    Damn, that's a lot of AF figures.

    That dead Tauntaun cracks me up every time. It almost looks like roadkill the way it is in the case.


    I agree. Sometimes you want to show a pic of something, but you don't want to start a new thread just for an image or two.

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    Very cool pics you guys, and a cool thread concept. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Hasbro for killing the line when we had such great Action Fleet, Die Cast, and MM toys coming?

    I'll try to shoot pics of my E-wing test shot before next week, but I never seem to have the time these days. I said I'd deliver last week and couldn't so I'm now under the gun.
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    I also have a set of the last five unproduced die-cast ships around here somewhere (MTT, Gungan Sub, Naboo Fighter, Anakin's Pod, and the Landing Ship). I think I also have the last three sets of unreleased micros too (Opee, Sando, Yoda, Troop Transport, etc...).

    I'll take some picks of those too.

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    Smile Wow!!!

    Oh mio Dio!

    Glitch, so you have the last 5 UNPRODUCED DIE-CASTS and the last 3 UNPRODUCED MM E1 COLLECTIONS!!!

    Be careful to say something like this here, in this forum. There are people who could kill to have something like that!

    Yes, show us pictures, please. And then let us alone, weeping in the dark!


    P.S. May I be your slave for 1 year to get those Die-casts and MMs?

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    Wink Factory errors.

    This is the Alpha series Snowspeeder, i've got three in my collection but one in particular is full of factory errors.

    Here are two links, the regular and the error one for comparison.

    Many errors on one ship.

    I will post the Wedge's X-Wing variations soon.

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    Alpha Wedge's X-Wing variation pics.

    This variation can be found in the second Alpha wave with the Topp's card included...


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    Enjoy this one !!!

    1997 Mexican "Guerra de la Galaxias" promotional Micro Machines offer.

    These are real MM, Lucasfilm registred (not bootlegs).
    Available on the Maxican market between march 1 to september 30 - 1997.
    Promo from the sweets brand "Sonric's Landia" (property of "Chuppa Chup's" USA).
    Sweets boxes contains sweets (from Abejitas, Bombiux, Tix-Tix, Pico-Rico) and one ship.
    There are ten ships to collect plus an exclusive Death Star wich opens in two parts.
    The ships are made of a harder plastic and painted with a darker pewter-finish than the Collector Editions.
    No holes under the ships and no stands.
    Ships are : Executor, Star Destroyer, Tie Fighter, Shuttle Tydirium, Snowspeeder, Millenium Falcon, Cloud Car, X-Wing, B-Wing, Slave One.
    All the ships are sealed in individual plastic baggies except for the DS.
    Ships were put inside the boxes in a random way.
    The Death Star is much rarer. It is sealed by a plastic belt and contain some sweets.
    Each box contains a mini Micro-machines diorama (five to collect).
    For collectors, an instruction sheet was available on demand.

    Pics below :

    Instruction sheet :
    Ships & Death Star :
    A view of the whole set :
    Close-up of the DS :
    A view of one box (unused) :
    Another view of ships with DS :
    Two sealed baggies :



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