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    Smile A New Hope

    I Just came back from the store a little while ago and I just got The Unleashed Darth Vader. He came with a wizard of the Coast Preview from the New Hope Set it looks like Vader will be a very good card in the set. I will post details about the card tomorrow!
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    Does the card indicate rarity? I know the regular cards do . . . are they doing it with these Unleashed cards too?
    Are these cards at all different from the ones available in the sets?

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    Caesar, when you get done designing more Rick MC avatars, check out WOTC's website. They have all 7 of the Unleashed promo cards. None of them have rarity symbols like the regular TCG cards, but there is a lightsaber looking symbol in the picture window of each promo card. I think most of them are actually uncommon cards except for the Padme B card which is rare. I'm not sure about the DV card since obviously the ANH set hasn't been released yet, but looking at the build cost (the number in the upper left-hand corner) I would guess that it too will be an uncommon card.

    Here's the link.
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    Caesar, when you get done designing more Rick MC avatars, check out WOTC's website.
    Well, as long as you obviously respect my priorities . . .

    Thanks for the link, I'm looking right now.

    Honestly, I never even noticed the pack-in promo cards until a friend pointed it out at Wal-Mart. I have to pass this info along, I believe he's under the impression they are just duplicates.



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