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    Move all Non USA Just Found into ONE Forum?

    What do you think about moving all the NON USA Just Found threads into their own forum? ie.

    Just Found (USA)
    Just Found (Non USA)_

    Comments please.
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    Hmmm. My personal opinion is that it would be crowded.

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    they'd have different threads.
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    No kidding. It'd still be crowded.

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    I don't use them but I tjhink it would be harder for the people who do. You'd have to pile through a load of threats to find one that's in your country. I don't think it would work, it's better as they are.

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    It's general enough already...

    I agree. There aren't that many Just Found threads. It would make this a less desirable site to visit. I don't want to have to go through what's not being released in the UK, Australia, etc., in order to find out what's not being released here in Canada. I just think it would be a mess, different threads or not. There are plenty of forums here that I never look at, as they don't interest me...I don't think they should be shut down though. Why not do a poll to find out how many SSG members are not residents of the USA? I'm sure there are significant numbers.
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    please don't !
    I really love the way it is devided now, everybody can check out the place he needs and doesn't have to scroll through everything till he finds the right thread
    just leave it as it is, it's fine this way
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    I think that if you do this, you risk alienating the non-US members of this board. Sirstevesguide already has to compete with The Private Universe, a site for UK star wars collectors and I think I'd probably stop coming if the non-us forums were banded together.
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    This is the non-US Just Found threads activity for the past 30 days:

    - JF:Mexico has had NO participation.
    - JF:Overseas has had 1 thread responded to, and that was over 2 weeks ago.
    - JF:UK has had 7 threads responded to.
    - JF:Canada has had 16 threads responded to, half of them are 2 weeks old.

    Combined, that's less than 1 full page of threads in a month (each section page shows 25 threads); if you limit it to 2 weeks, that's less than a dozen active threads. That is not an issue hunting and picking between an avalanche of posts.
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    OK, I'm sorry. I was under the impression that UK was getting a lot, because of all of the forumites that live there. It really wouldn't be that crowded, would it, after all?


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