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    Question Deadeye........?

    Zips up bullet proof vest and gets the sheld up.

    Ok I bet this will get closed I haven't been here in awhile,but why did Deadeye get banned?
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    You may have noticed that all the responses to this thread, both negative and not-negative, have been deleted. Why? Because this is the end of this sort of thread - we close and close and close these and they keep popping up, too often they instantly degenerate into a string of insults at a specific forum member's expense; leaving these threads intact after closing seems to be sending the wrong message, that it is somehow not as unacceptable or something -- so, off it all goes and closed this thread becomes.

    DeadEye has not been permanently banned, he was suspended for a week for breaking what could be called "probation" from his last suspension. It was merely name-calling of others that would normally just get a warning, but once you've been suspended, SirSteve's system is less tolerant the next time around.

    Of course, if DeadEye is suspended for a "warning" offense, then it would be unfair to not apply the same standards to 1/2 authors of the posts deleted from this thread who singled DeadEye out with negative comments? Since none of you have been suspended in the past, that would mean an official warning for those people - a "strike" if you will. Since this thread is about a specific user's forum fate, it might have been appropriate to name names on the "official warning" list...

    but I don't like to do that, so for those of you who said what you said, think about what it feels like to be singled out in such a negative way before you go around giving others crap in the public forums - 4 names could have been in the space above just now and yours could have been one of them - nobody should be harassed and attacked in the forums for any reason. You offenders probably know who you are, if you want the forums admin to treat a situation with DeadEye or anybody else a certain way, then you MUST consider that those guidelines are just as applicable to you.
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