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    bloody luke for maul and anakin ta

    I am looking for the new maul and new anakin. I have a bloody stump luke that is on a non mint card, non mint bubble. Anyone interested?

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    At the time I really don't need a bloody LUKE (have 1 already), but if you have no luck finding an ANAKIN (TA), LMK, in a few weeks or so when the coll1 pilot wave is released, I'll have an an extra of each pilot (except PADME) and ANAKIN (TA)- to trade 1 for 1 possibly clean shaven ENDOR TROOPER(1), ELPHANT MON(2), carded RED BATTLE DROID(2), and DESTROYER DROID(2)--or simply sell at cost+postage

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    I will keep you in mind and thanks.


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