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    New ST figures coming soon!

    I just spoke w/ the good folks at Disney and, according to them, they expect to have the following figures available by the end of the second week of September:

    - R3-D3
    - Wee-Zee (?)
    - DL-X2
    - R4-M9

    Make a note to yourself to clog up their phone lines in the next couple of weeks!! The number is: 800-362-4533


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    R3-D3 is out currently with G2-4T and RX-24.

    "Wee-Zee" is WEG-1618 (

    We've already seen DL-X2, but R4 is an interesting move. Maybe it's a preliminary list name, and will turn out to be another familiar droid...
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    True enough R3 was released w/ the other 2. However, good luck trying to find one where you don't have to bring your own lube to the transaction.

    I can wait until Disney gets a restock and pay them $10.00.



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