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    Toyfare editor defends Jar Jar at TF.N

    I don't usually go to but my brother pointed this out to me. Very interesting especially coming from Toyfare, a magazine I had given up on a long time ago.
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    Cool, thanks for the info BigB. I never usually go there either, because just like Rebelscum they take forever to load. Nice to see someone else defending Jar Jar, and saying pretty much what those of us that liked him from the beginning have been saying. I'm gonna post the story here though, if thats ok. For others like myself that don't like going to that slow site. Or just like reading things here, instead of opening another window.

    Toyfare Editor Defends JarJar
    Thu, Aug 22, 02 04:05:24 PM EDT

    Rogue Trader and Super Nation Jock chime in:

    One of the editors at TOYFARE magazine, at (Magazines) has come to the defense of Jar Jar. And includes a scathing attack on Jar Jar's detractors.

    "Before spewing your pre-programmed, media-instigated derisive response, pay attention: Never before has one being been so unjustly villified by so many. It seems that whenever someone like Jar Jar comes on the scene, untainted by the black bile that so many have in place of a soul these days, they get attacked for being 'lame.'

    Like Barney the Dinosaur (or Jesus), Jar Jar just wanted people to get along, and dark-hearted legions of would-be hipsters immediately emerged to project their own bizzare prejudices onto him and tell the rest of the world how uncool he was. They tried to convince us that anybody who wasn't as bitter and dead inside as they were was somehow dumb. Well, no thanks, you soulless monsters.

    Poor, naive Jar Jar got blamed for the imagined 'failure' of The Phantom Menace, a good movie that will one day get the credit it deserves as a great Star Wars film - once it's not 'cool' to hate it anymore."

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    I must admit, the first time I saw TPM, I wasn't crazy about it and I found Jar Jar annoying. Over the past year or so, I've watched the movie a few more times (ok, more like 5 or 10). Anyway, I can actually enjoy the movie now. Granted, I don't like it as much as the OT, but I still like it.

    I read Toyfare every month or 2. I think its pretty funny, plus, the price guide thing comes in handy when people have questions about price.
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    Go ahead Jar Jar, I would've done the same but I just figured I had the only slow connection around here.

    I liked Jar Jar long before I saw the movie, mainly from what I had read about him in the novelization. Everybody hated him in the novel (except Anakin) so I kind of felt sorry for him. When the movie premiered I was very surprised by the amount of negativity regarding the character. From the idiotic claims of racism to the uneducated drivel that you can still read on these forums.

    Besides, both of my nephews love Jar Jar more than anything so how could I hate him?
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    I don't think it's really your connection, BigB. Both Rebelscum and The Force have very slow websites. I'm not sure if it's all the graphics, or if they have slow servers or what. It has to be somthing on their ends, since both sites are like that.

    I liked him from the beginning as well. I agree with you on the novelization, everyone was alot meaner to him in that one. But it did give more insight on why Qui-Gon thought he was necissary.

    The negativity suprised me as well. Star Wars is supposed to be a realistic type of film, atleast charecter wise. So Jar Jar isn't a genius, why should he be. I think he's a great new charecter, and I'm glad Lucas is continuing his story arc in the films.

    I wish he wouldn't have gotten paniced by the bad press that Jar Jar receieved and cut the charecter's role way back for E2. But it's still nice to see that he's grown up some, and that he still has a role to play in the events to come. Hopefully he gets to make up for his mistake in giving Palpy emergancy powers in E2.

    I actually seriously think that Lucas made him somewhat unlikeable to the old school fans for a reason. So that they will dislike him in the first, feel sorry for him in the second, and if the third one plays out like I still think it will, be sad and sorry that they disliked the charecter once his storyline plays out.

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    I'm opening the fire hydrants now. If I presoak this thread it might not ignite. Now I'm backing away slowly so as not to touch anything and inadvertently ignite it by friction or other means such as a acasual I hate jar Jar and the whole TPM experience type comment, or a casual and flippant potato jibe.
    Now I'm standiing at a safe distance you may continue.....

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    That's weird, TF.N loads in a jiffy for me. But Rebelscum does take awhile.

    Jar Jar's a good egg, but I'm glad they scaled him back for AOTC. I really love him up until the Battle for Naboo, I think he's too much slapstick in those scenes.
    On the whole, I think he's cool.

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    Hmm, no butt, poop, or fart jokes? I've come to depend on ToyFare for that sort of thing over the years!

    I honestly don't agree at all with this article, I think just as he accuses others of making a snap-judgement about Jar Jar, he is making snap-judgements of Jar Jar's detractors and their reasons.
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    I hate to break it to you guys, but I think that was meant as sort of an ironic ha ha. Especially if it was penned by Tom Root (who's known for that sort of thing, and does hate Jar Jar muchly). I mean, he compared Jar Jar Binks's persecution to that of Jesus Christ's. I think that should tip you off right there
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    I know in the past I have stated I didn't like JarJar and wasn't that crazy about the movie. I to have been watching the movie more since it came out and I find myself liking it more and more. I like the character of JarJar ok and I do wish GL would have given him a better role. Maybe in the next one we will see something different from JarJar. If not ,thats ok to. JarJar is part of Star Wars and I think I like him there.
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