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Thread: Dear Hasbro...

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    Talking Dear Hasbro...

    We need a battledroid with ball socket joints. On the hip and the shoulders. His neck should go forward and backwards and with articulated knees and elbows. Articulated wrists like most of the Jedi do. A hard (NOT GUMMY) blaster and an all out hard sturdy plastic figure. NO RUBBER AT ALL HASBRO! Oh Yeah, and have the head stay on so it won't come off so easily. NO gimmicks AT ALL! He should be able to hold his blaster with 2 hands, Articulated ankles ,and give it it a good paint job... And voila! The perfect BattleDroid!!
    Anything else? I couldn't think of any other pack-ins....
    What you think of that?

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    I like, that sounds like a great Battle Droid. They could do it with the SBD too, so he can be posed in a neutral or firing position. Lets see, Pack ins...A blaster, and...umm...a blaster? Not many pack-ins you can give a Battle Droid. They could do what they did with the EP1 ones-different damage levels.
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    Have you see how skiny the joints are on the battle droid at 3 3/4 inch scale? there's unfortunately no way to do articulate wrists or ankles without making the joints huge and clunky and ugly. The shoulder and hip jionts are a different matter, they could take the ball jointing. The neck could use some improvement I guess, but I've always been fairly happy with the rotating ball socket head which allows for puppy dog expression type posing. The elbows and knees should have articulation, yes.
    I think mostly the sculpting of the battle droids has been exemplary considering how thin they are but these later ones made from soft plastics do suck mightily. Nice sculpt, bad materials.
    If hasbro were to release the security battle droid with the body from the boomer damage battle droid as an army builder pack in the red coloring. Or release the boomer damage battle droid with new arms and painted with pilot droid coloring I'd be extremely happy.

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    So this isn't a good idea?

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    It's a great idea, just that with the size of the figures, articulation on the wrists and ankles would be impossible.

    One of the reasons that I never liked the 12" Battledroids, at that size you would think that they could give it more than basic 3 3/4" figure articulation.

    Like Jargo said, the POTJ Security Droid is perfect and would be great if painted red and released as a Saga 2-pack.
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    I wish they'd just make a Pilot Battle Droid and give it the same kind of articulation that the Security BD has, with a computer console as a pack in.

    And an OOM-9 resculpt while they're at it, in the red finish, like the one seen in AOTC.
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    A super articulated Battle Droid would be cool. But I don't see how it could be done on 3 3/4 size since the shoulders and wrists are so small.

    I'm actually very fond of the POTJ Red Security Battle Droid. It has great articulation and it's well built. It would be great if Hasbro made it w/ the other colors.
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    on the battle broid, if you look at the shot or slash ep1 droid, the feet could have a ball and socket joint, like the head where there is a ball on the bottom of the leg and a socket on the foot. As fo the hands, looking from above, just at the wrist, there is a circle, they could replace this with a pin and have the hand moving left and right. That would kick ***!

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    i really think the security battle droid was put near perfect. It would help the postureof the figures to make them harder plastic, but would it make them easier to break? anyone know? im thinking yes
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    If you take a Saga Battledroid and wad it up in your fist, when you release it, it pretty much goes right back to it's original shape. Those things are nearly impossible to break.

    Same with the Carded Geonosian.
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