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    The Imperial Forces packs are pretty cool. But the 12" Leia Bousshs are crap! I don't know what Hasbro was thinking when they decided to make them and what Lucasfilm was thinking them they approved it.
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    With the good you always have to expect bad.
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    Hey all. Just a quick heads up. The Target off Alameda and Sable has two cases of each of the new collections. I finally got caught up with the regular collection. They still had plenty left when I left if anyone still needs some; however, I think I was the last one to get caught up in the group.

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    ces, you're not the last one to get caught up. i've been picking them up slowly, mostly because until i see them not sure if i want them or not. have most of the newer releases but still a couple of holes, most noticeably the imperial officer.

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    HA! I got you all beat. The only new figure I have is the repack Darth Maul. But I'll go check for leftovers.
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    HAHA! Ok I went to Target and here's what I found....NEW Star Wars, NEW Lord of the Rings, NEW Masters of the Universe, NEW Muppets, and NEW Batman! They totally remodeled and restocked everything. New stuff at that.

    But, the ONLY things I got were Ceremony Padme and the Mattel Joker. Now that took some resistance. I could have spent a fortune.
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    The only "new" figures I've seen are the Han and Leia with the gold label down the left side. I don't collect too many 3 3/4" figs but I'd really like to score a Boba Fett and Tusken Raider with removable head. Never seen Elephant Mon either. Don't want him but do want to at least see him.

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    Boulder Target had basically everything from #10(Lama Su) to #27 (Han Solo). I got Luke, Vader, Wat, and Coleman, all very nice except for crappy Luke. I was going to get Padmé and Maul but didn't have enough money.
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    No Star Wars news but, Lord of the Rings news! I ventured into Park Meadows this afternoon and found NEW "9 Treebeard, Smegol, and Eowyn at Wal-Mart! Yeah! New figures gets me going! AND Greatland Target (in Aurora) had a full stock of Armies of Middle Earth figures and sets. No playsets still.
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    I live in Thornton and I am look for any new unleshed. If you could point me in a good direction for these figures I would be greatful. Thanks


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