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    Welcome to the forums BFett88! I'm Jayspawn. I don't usually venture by way of Thornton, but they do have that nice Mini High Comics Megastore there. I would check Toys'R'Us (if Thornton has one) the newest and some old Unleashed have been showing up there as of late.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BFett88
    I live in Thornton and I am look for any new unleshed. If you could point me in a good direction for these figures I would be greatful. Thanks
    I used to live up there. Biggs was the BEST place in Colorado to find Star Wars toys back in the mid 90s... however they recently shut down the Thornton store. The Target in you area also closed it's doors. You've got the 104th KMart (if it didn't close down) and a really lame WalMart in your area. Mile High Comics mega store is on Washington St. but it is WAY overpriced when it comes to toys (actually, just about anything sold there is WAY overpriced) and they don't seem to carry many of the newer Star Wars toys.

    The closest TRU is on 88th in Westminster (off of Sheridan). TRU is the only place I've seen any of the newer Unleashed, but they go fast. The TRU down on County Line just got a case of the Obi-Wan, Luke, etc. wave a few days ago (already sold out) so this may mean that the other TRUs just received some as well. Perhaps you should give them a call? They do have the ability to check warehouse stock as well as what is coming in on the trucks.

    You may also want to try the Commerce City WalMart. They had a huge Star Wars section when I went to midnight madness last year. Not sure what they have now but it's a very big store.

    Good luck!

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    well clone wars materiel seems to be showing up with surprising frequency. target, KB, TRU all seem to be regularly stocking the shelves with it. doesn't last long and doesn't seem at this point that it'll pegwarm. seem to have learned a lesson with the gunship. rather than the $50 it retailed for before the CW version seems to be much cheaper. target even seems to be getting the saga figures on the shelves.

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    I had a great day today. I picked up Throne Room Luke, Snow Troopper and Han Hoth. I even got the new Unleashed Luke. I found alot more stuff that I didnt have but not enough money. I anyone lives up North, I found the figs at the Broomfield Target, and the unleashed at the Toys R Us in westminster. The reason Target has all the new figs is they reset toys around the last week of July to the first week of Auguest. I used to work for them and that was always the best time to get the new figs.

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    Hey you guys. If anyone is interested, the Laughing Place store has all of the Star Tours figures in-stock.

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    Which store did you find the figure, Jayspawn? I have a friend at work who's dying (no pun intended) to get that particular figure.

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    Which figure OC47150? If it was any of the recent LOTR figures it was at a Wal-Mart.
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    The Terminator with coffin.


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    The T3 figures have been showing up at Media Play, Electronics Botique, Suncoast, and Sam Goody so far. I'm betting they will hit TRU soon.
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    My buddy found the coffin-carrying T3 at Suncoast the other day. Thanks for the input!


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