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    Nothing New around here lately, but check out these images from E3 if your into spoilers. Hurry, I'm sure they won't be up for long.

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    Where the hell is everything??? No Jabbas, Holo Lukes, or goons! I've been hunting -looking for something new and nothing! These dry spells suck!

    Hope they get more people (by that I mean cool people) for StarFest.
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    I feel your pain Jay. I have been hitting about three to four stores a night on my way home from work and nothing. Very frustrating. I saw the Jaba and court once, and that was it. The newest figure wave that I have seen is the 2nd animated clone wars wave that is just sitting around.

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    i've only seen the animated figs as well at target. wal-mart i frequent has no figs on the pegs. nothing out there at all. even my supposed order from EE for monk and wampa has been delayed for several months now.

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    Ok, heres a little something. TRU this morning had stocled TONS of NEW Unleashed Luke, Chewbacca and Clonetrooper. Get em while you can. This wets the palate for now..
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    StarLand has added a few more names to their guest list but they're just no name actors from low budget space shows. So far the guest list is a total let down with the exception of Peter Mayhew. Lets hope they get some great last-minutes.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Just browsing through some of the posts from the past few weeks (since I haven't been keeping up at all). I'm very surprized that people are having a hard time with the Wampa. I've probably seen 10-15 Wampa's on the pegs and I don't even go toy hunting anymore! I just poke my head in the isle when I happen to be there. Of course, that was a few weeks ago... I still haven't seen a single Elephant Mon or Fan's Choice Trooper. =(
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    Talking i've seen fire and i've seen rain,

    i've seen jabbas, monks, wampas, and aniwave2 i thought would Never end ;P
    haggie: afraid i've only sighted & bagged 2 targ-saled sketchtroops: 1 for b'jr and one for jt or lbc (still unclear who's gonna get that one; lbc expressed interest first, but he deferred to jt).
    mrh: lmk if attending starcon friday aft, we can arrange to Finally relieve you of those xtra research droids
    i'm surprised you eastsiders didn't report here that all-c's scalpy collectibles has been phasing out all their toys for 1/2 price or less for some time now- in fact their stock's almost gone; but i hear tell of a new "Planet Toys" place at, arapahoe & jordan i think? prolly another scalper but it's good to know where the enemy sets up camp
    you eastsiders May be interested to know your mississippi goodwill had dozens of griMACE figs for $1 each

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    Planet Toys is a neat store. I dont know where they are located now. I tried to go there a month or 2 back and they were gone. But they are in business somewhere. They're very friendly -they know their stuff. Unlike All-Cs who arent much in way of even a small conversation.

    I saw B'Omar Monk & Bobo at Greatland Target tonight but no Jabba. I would have picked it up but I really want Jabba the most -so I'm holding out.

    Still no StarFest updates.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    The Star Wars glasses with figs have turned up at the Superior Super Target. They had Obi and Maul last night, and that is about it.
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