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    still haven't seen the new unleashed. hopefully the targets near my house will be able to get rid of the luke, chewie, and mace unleashed clogging the shelves and put new stock out. did find the ROTS edition of galactic heroes today. what's up with palpy's robes (i don't really want an answer, i'm sure i'll find out when the movie comes out)? somewhat disappointed by yoda, for a creature already with plenty of cuteness they could have done better. the best part of this newest release has to be obi's cheesy porn-star stache and beard though.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    I got the IG-88 and Aura, but can't find the Stormtrooper which I really want. I figured that he would be the most popular in the bunch. Have not seen any EIII figures yet. Jay, I haven't asked about TRU, but I think most likely I will be at a Wal-mart mainly due to price. If TRU comes up with something cool with give-aways then I will be there.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Went by TRU on Mississippi today -they are not having Midnight Madness but probably one of the other stores are. They didnt know. But I'm perfectly happy with waiting till the day of April 2nd to get my Clonetrooper.

    Went out on a run today -found Bust-Ups Series 3 at Hot Topic at Park Meadows Mall. Picked up Boba Fett. Not collecting these but I'm a Boba Fett fan. Nothing else today though.

    My IG-88 Minibust is on the way from! Should arrive on Friday!

    Did everybody see the NEW Theatrical Poster for Revenge of the Sith??? They have them for order at for $19.99. Another great work of art by Drew Struzan!
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    The Boulder Target had Obi's starfighter in yesterday as well as galactic heroes ROTS figs. No sign of the wheel bike or tri droid though. Superior Target also had galactic heroes ROTS, but not vehicles.
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Not really Star Wars related but Starfest 2005 related! They have added William Shatner as a major guest this year! Woohoo!! As everyone who knows me knows that I'm a HUGE Shatner and Boston Legal fan. So I'll be going for sure. I talked to StarLand to confirm that Shatner will be there Sunday of the convention. ALSO he couldnt say who but hes working on somebody major from Star Wars for Saturday! I'll keep you all posted!
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    I picked up the EIII vehichles last night at Target. They had one of each of Grevious' wheel Bike, Obi's FIghter, and Tri-Fighter.
    THanks for the heads up about the Post Jay, I ordered that last night.
    This week I got the IG-88 in the mail, and Sandtrooper from
    Both are really cool.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    I hardly ever post here maybe once or twice. But today I picked up the new Anikan, Obi and Grievous Unleashed at K-Mart in Thornton. The didn't have anymore but they did have those force battlers and the deluxe obi with super battle droid. Is anyone here going to C3? I am, can't wait to get the C3 Vader.
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Yes BFett88, I'm going to Celebration III. Got my hotel, plane tickets and everything else booked. Just waiting for the convention passes to arrive. All this cool Revenge of the Sith stuff happening is driving me nuts!

    Hey! My IG-88 Minibust arrived today! As it seems from Gentle Giant's terrible handwriting, I got 3671/5000. Some of the tissue wrap was stuck to the base so they must have stuck this guy in the package fresh! Are you collecting these with me ces?

    I hope everyone go to see the NEW Revenge of the Sith trailor. I watched it like 20 times this morning!
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    I had the most surreal moment today. I went looking through all of my poster tubes to find my EI and EII posters to get them framed with the new EIII poster. While going through them I found a receipt from the fan club back from 1999 (When the fan club was still out here). I read the receipt and it says:
    "Revenge of the Sith" Exclusive poster. It took several more minutes to find that it is referring to an old art poster sold through the Fan Club of Obi-Wan Qui-Gon and Darth Maul. Kind of ironic that there was already a revenge of the sith poster back then.
    If I have time at work, I'll scan the receipt and post it.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    I have the same poster ces! I got it back when I worked for the Fan Club. One of mine is actually SIGNED by Hugh Flemming! He wrote, "To Jay, MTFBWY! Hugh Flemming"

    Little did we know at the time of that poster that Episode III would be called Revenge of the Sith.
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