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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Woah! Go ces! Haha, yeah he costs a bunch! I hope you have a big place to display him!

    Actually, I got to see the Grevious Statue in person at Celebration III and its very impressive! You wont be dissapointed! I'm glad I pre-ordered the Darth Vader Statue when I had the chance.

    Just a reminder, the Soundtrack to Episode III: Revenge of the Sith comes out today. I'll be picking mine up at Costco today for $12 -good price! Another reminder, DO NOT look at the tracks on the back of the CD if you dont want to spoil the movie!
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Nothing new today other than the new CD/DVD. I got mine at Walmart, even though I hate the evil place, I wanted the exclusive download. Target also has a download with their CD, but I heard that it is the same as the Music video. The John Williams interview is okay. I learned a few things about the songs that I didn't know. He said that the choral arrangement in the background is a Sand script (however you spell it) translation of Celtic poems.
    I haven't had time to listen to the CD or DVD yet.
    I decided to pick-up some army builders today to attempt to clear the racks a little. I think I may grab 5 or so army builders a week to try and help the back log, so that new figures can get out.
    I was hoping to make it to Starfest this weekend, but didn't have time. I heard that despite being crowded, that most people had a great time.
    To your earlier comment Jay about people spending a ton of money in the dealer room, I have to say that I totally agree with you. I don't understand why people do that. Like that kid with the Grevious. I have seen a ton of them warming the pegs. I hope you stopped that kid.

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    Lightbulb js: "Midnight showing. . . Continental 6"

    -as for my posse, probably the morning show on their biggy screen
    got what i want so far xcept tankdriver, gunner & bacara- and am iffy on those last 2 anyway hit starcon, ended up not makin a return trip there, just the friday nite- hope i didn't just miss u guys.
    btw you guys know about this, right? just makin sure-

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    I had heard at either the end of March or beginning of April that she had entered Hospice, but didn't know that she had died until that article. Very sad.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Hey, if any of you are on-line. Target by the Aurora Mall has the Target Clone Trooper. There were about 4 as of noon. They also had the cases for $9.99.
    Nothing else new at any of the ten stores that I hit today. TRU has a lot of the clone commander wave, but way too much at $6.99.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Got my Wal-Mart Early bird package in the mail today, I find it a little wierd that the website, even now, has these things still... It has the same production numbers of the lava vader and i think Holo yoda... could be the price... By the end of the year, we can expect new spiffy almost VOTC quality figures (not in articulation, but in look). Now just need the Holo yoda and the upcoming Holo Leia... I just realized a lot the exclusives of the last year or so are HOLO figs... (Holo Emperor, Holo yoda, holo leia...)
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    I thought I'd pass along that Suncoast is having 25% off all action figures (this whole week I believe). I was able to pick up Star Trek Classic Series 3 on that sale. And they just came out too!
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Today I decided to hit Walmarts after I got off work since I figured most people would be at Target's looking for the clone exclusive. I lucked out and found the new wave. I found 41-44 (Clone Trooper, Neimoidian Warrior, Wookie warrior, and Destroyer Droid). This was the new Walmart by my house. I cannot think of the roads, but it is the one by E-470 and Quincy. I have heard reports that 45-47 have also been found. It is amazing when you think of it. The movie is not out for a week and a half, and there are 47 figures out of 56 that have been released.
    The Neimoidian and wookie are really cool. I haven't opened the trooper yet to see how articulated. I think the destroyer is just a repack of the E2 destroyer from what I can tell.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    While I was at Celebration III I ordered a Supreme Edition Darth Vader Helmet from Rubies Costumes. The employees were very friendly and helpful. Since the helmet is soo big and I couldnt possibly get away with taking it home on the plane, Rubies offered to ship it to me for FREE!

    Today it arrived in the mail! And its f'n sweet! Its 1:1 scale and is molded from an "Empire Strikes Back" model. I've been wanting a full-sized Vader Helmet for my personal collection for a loooonnng time. Now I finally got one! I'm gonna start working on a custom display stand for it.
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Congrats Jay. I would love to eventually start collecting more high end collectibles.


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