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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Marble
    I got my Early Bird Set in the mail yesterday, and I was also suprised by how small the package looked. Even the figures looked samill in the package. But it is a nice set that I am glad I picked up.

    I was able to take a trip to the Big-K yesterday out in Broomfield and found the Temple Assault set. It took a lot of looking before it became visable and it was the only one there. That K-mart out there is such a depressing place.
    Where was it? When I went there on Monday I couldn't see any of them at all.

    The Boulder Target has all their exculsives (except the clone) in their stockroom, but not yet on the floor.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Today the Superior Target had several lava figures and 2 Plo Koon Starfighters. They looked good but I had to pass for the time being. No Clone Battlepacks yet.

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    picked up 3 clone packs today at various targets. they are out there. given some time you'll find one jabba, or next time i see one i can probably pick it up for you. saw the lava reflection figures. i'll pass for the price (speaking of price most of the rest of the sw stuff is reduced in price, but it seems to vary by which target you're at). saw a couple plo koon fighters as well, but i'd already gotten the one i wanted. wally world has the SW island up, but the ones i went to were pretty pathetically stocked. still had much better stuff in the regular toy aisle.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Got a set of Lava Reflection figs today at Greatland Target, they still had a set left as of 5:10 p.m. No Utapau Clone there as of yet... I was actually at the target looking to pick up the Nightmare on Elm Street Boxed set, but they had none... The new Target that just opened up in Stapleton had Sever Captian Antillies, Utapian Warrior, and Zett Jugessa's, along with the Obi-Wan Pilot Wave and a random mix of Vaders, they also had 1 Mon Calimari Senator whos name escapes me at the moment (The one from the ever elusive Tarkin wave)
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    [QUOTE=Mr. JabbaJohnL]Where was it? When I went there on Monday I couldn't see any of them at all.QUOTE]

    It was really hard to see! The Big K down there has all of their Star Wars stuff stuck at the begining of the aisle behind a support pillar. All of their battle packs are directly behind that pillar and the Temple Assault was stuck in on its side next to the battle backs. I scanned for a long time before I finally saw it. And the price on it said $24.99 but they tried to charge me $26.99 at the register. I really hate going down there! At the time I needed to buy a few other things for home, but I just couldn't bring my self to look around. That store just really makes me sad, I agree with you ces.
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Speaking of Big K (or K Mart), I'm on the lookout for the Super Deformed figures. I've seen Chewbacca and C3P0, but I'm looking for Vader, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett.

    Yesterday I got The Star Wars Poster Book in the mail from It has all the theatrical and promotional posters from the 6 movies and other things. I was considering writing a book like this as I have a lot of the posters IN the book. But it looks like Steve Sansweet beat me to it. It has some great artwork too, I highly recommend it!

    Amazon also has in Trisha Biggar's book, Dressing a Galaxy. it just came in yesterday and its looking to be a winner. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy. Theres just a bunch of great Star Wars books coming out now.
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    The big K I was at last week did have the Darth Vader super deformed figures. I really didn't look to close at them because I am not planning on collecting them.

    The poster book sounds really cool, I might have to pick it up!
    "Not again, Obi Wan is going to kill me."

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Went on a run today...

    Media Play has some Galactic Heros Backpack danglers (they had Boba, Han, Luke and Yoda).

    I also found the Episode III DVD 3-packs at Wal-Mart on Abeline. There's 3 sets which include Palpatine, Vader, Dooku & Mace, Obi-Wan, Anakin & 3 Clone Troopers. ALL the figures are repacks and are far from the best of any of the figures.

    NewForce Comics should be shipping out my Sandtrooper, Yoda and Vader Busts next week. Thing is, I'm randomly going to get a Sandtrooper without knowing WHICH of the 2 versions. So thats kinda frusterating. Are you getting these ces? Darth Jax?
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    I got two Sandtroopers in the mail Yesterday from I got the white and orange troopers. They did a great job on them. I have found nothing lately. I have to say that Walmart on Abeline has to be my least favorite Walmart.


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