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    been out of town for the last week and doesn't sound like i missed much. did manage to find quite a bit in KC though. picked up 2 of the 3 dvd collections (clones and sith - i liked the packaging), a couple of newer figures, yoda bust and a koto vader at retail. waiting for me when i got back was my sandtrooper bust. makes visiting the family much more palatable when i can haul back some new toys.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    You had a great run Jax. How does the Yoda look? I ordered mine on line. Last time I ordered one, they sold out and I never got the EII Yoda

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    yoda looks quite serene and placid leaning on his cane. much better than him with a lightsaber, but since it's ep 5 they couldn't include it. kinda disappointed by the paint application on his hair. it's mostly not there so he his locks mostly the color of his head.

    picked up some horror themed items today; tall man and leatherface. passed on the new nightmare freddy and bunny. finally got the jason/mommy 2 pack opened. quite impressed with the number of murderous accessories included.

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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    I saw those Friday the 13th 2-packs last week at Media Play. Pretty cool looking. Nice setup.

    '05 is a year of exclusives alright mrhat. Thankfully some of them are worth passing on. I have a feeling that next year will be another one of those exclusive years.

    My Sandtrooper Bust should be arriving tomorrow. Orange pad? White pad? Sometimes I hate waiting.
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    Well I got Episode 3 not 30 minutes ago at the Chambers/Parker Wal-Mart... I wish that sticker that keeps the movie and the bonus disk were attached to the plastic and not the actual movies. Episode 3 is fine because it has another layer of celophane to get through, the bonus DVD does not, and if you arient careful, there will be a hideous sticker residue on it. While I was there, i decided to check the toy asile, and low and behold, a lone Cat Miin and on another peg, a lone Passel Argente. SCORE! Anyway, happy hunting!
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    My crappy little Lafayette Wal-Mart has definitely taken a turn for the better lately. About a week ago, my mom found some of the final five (though I only know about the 501st trooper, but I think she got them all). Also, this morning while getting the DVD, I found Grievous' Bodyguard, Cat Miin, Passel Argente, and the DVD Clone pack.

    I have yet to go to TRU for the Emperor but I may end up just getting it online.
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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    My Sandtrooper Bust arrived in the mail. I would have ordered 2 if I had knowen at the time that there was going to be 2 versions. But I did get the white shoulder pad version. Its another awesome pievce by Gentle Giant. I'm gonna track down the orange pad version next.

    ces, did you get your Vader or Yoda busts yet?
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    Re: what is this thread, an echochamber?

    vt, I really want the Exclusive Droid 5-packs but I've decided to pass. Reason being, as cool as they are I cant justify paying the lowest price I've seen on them. I can customize my own set for half the price! They are great sets but EE (and a few other etailers) are stretching this one a little much.
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    Question js: "cant justify paying the lowest price I've seen"

    -have you seen a price lower than what i've cited above?
    fair enough, thanx for answer can't say i don't share some of your feelings; even if i do get this i doubt i'd keep all of them anyway (would likely trade away the ones i didn't like, in case anyone's interested). so, anyone else intrested?


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