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    Well I was finally able to get a few sets of Clone Trooper Minibusts preorered. And boy is there a frenzy over these! Thankfully I got my order in and I'll be getting 2 of each...

    EXCEPT for that damn SDCC Exclusive Shocktrooper Minibust. Not sure how I'm gonna pull that one off.

    I'm seeing reminants of the Geonosian wave in stores but I'm only looking for the Utapau CloneTrooper (so is everyone else).

    Starland added another guest for StarFest. Just some girl from Battlestar Galactica. *yawn*
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    Lando Mini Bust

    I recieved my Gentle Giant Lando Mini Bust today. Looks great next to Leia and Han. I got a notice that my Sideshow Obi Wan 1/4 scale will be shipping in 20 days.
    No sign anywhere of new saga figs. Still have never seen the Utapu Clone Trooper, Scortch, or Sora.

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    I've seen Sora a few times, but I'm waiting until I can get an Orange Clone at the same time. I need more of an incentive to buy after the price increase.

    Are you going to get the Darth Maul Statue ces or Darth Jax? I'm still debating.
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    Well I gathered my never and went into All C's today to see if they could special order Gentle Giant's Star Wars items and was given a big ol NO! I asked if they carried them and was given a how dare you ask again no. I asked about the Gentle Giant stuff they obviously had on the back shelf and was told they were on hold for somebody else.

    If there didnt offer them at all then how would they even have them there for somebody else?

    StarLand added a few more people to the guest list for StarFestbut they're just recycled guests from last year. Nothing good yet.
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    Starfest added a rather "surprise" guest, Julia Stiles will apparently be at Starfest this year. I didnt even know she was in the Omen remake... Went to the good ol target by the a mall today, they had a sun fac, 2 yodas, and some remnants of the carkoon wave (leia, han and chewey) I managed to get a Marvel Legends X-23 fig from there though. In all the picutes I saw, she looked A LOT different, mainly her outfit was black (mine is PURPLE) and she had more of a cuacasion feel to her, she looks almost native american. And the figure doesnt have any accessories, is rather small, and I have the head of apocolypse which i will never use.
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    The Purple version of X23 is the standard version. The Black X23 is one of the Chase figures. I got that one a few months ago. The Apocalypse is awesome too if you buy the whole set and build the figure.

    I was suprised when StarLand added Julia Styles. Its a shame that StarLand hates Star Wars so much.
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    Well, today, I was SUPPOSED to be getting a tattoo, but alas, tatoo parlors are rather busy on saturday afternoons... SO now I wont be going in til friday... Anywho, Apparently the Borders Exclusive Luke ROTJ FX saber ain't so exclusive, Spencers at the a-mall had 4 of them plus a display model. I picked one of these bad boys up, good thing i have friends in high places (with employee discounts) working today. So if you havent already, do get them before they are gone ($99.99 price tag)
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man


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