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    Well I got it today!!! A VERY WELL DONE piece if I do say so! Ok photo uploader is being rather silly right now, but i have the pic on my MYSPACE page:

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    That is really nice MrHat. Where did you get it done?
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    I got it at Peter Tat-2 on Colfax, and it surprised me that the entire thing took about an hour and 45 minutes to complete, which was rather amazing.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Very nice Mr. Hat, did Garrison approve too?
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    yeah, but then he called me a (insert YOUR word for street walker)... j/k
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    Nice work there mrhat! Did you get to keep the stick you had to bite down on?
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    It was really weird, y'know how they say it only hurts for the first little while, and then it becomes just kind of dulling. WELL, from the first line to the last touch up it felt the same. It was liike a knife slowly cutting, then he would rub it with the clean up ointment and it felt good, then he went back at it, but I was also watching the Shawshank Redemption on the TV in the booth next door. So it hurt, but nothing that i couldnt handle i supose. I had a really cool rush for 2 or 3 hours afterwards. I think i am alergic to the dark green, so its a bit annoying cleaning it, since it is a bit more raised than the other colors and i have to RUB it... But I will get another one, no question. Also playing the Godfather helps keep my mind off of it, the time kind of flys by when I am workin for the don...
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    Today at Boulder Target I got their only Grievous and Lushros Dofine. They had several of Obi-Wan, Yoda, Jango, Boba, and Vader, all of whom have been fairly hard to find up to this point.
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    Okay, I'm not really in Colorado. But I surprised y'all anyway.
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    Hey the forums are back! Let's see if i can remember EVERYTHING that has happened over the last (almost) 2 months... Got the VOTC Han. Greedo, and Tusken at Target by A-Mall, and found the Luke and Biker scout at TRU in that area as well (that was a week or less ago) Went to target today they had the episode 3 wave (ki adi holo, etc...) and it looked as if they had just put them out, they had several demise of grievous (looks to be another lava obi and ani) and they seemed to have a few full sets of VOTC UGH, and one solitary titanium sandtrooper regular version Pickued up Skirmish In The Senate (bout time i got a shock trooper) I feel very bad about having to ravish the VOTC for the stickers, but i tried my best to keep the plastic shell in tact, it worked all except for luke the front cardboard thing got all screwed up and bent. anyways, i picked up Lego Star Wars for PS2 (it just became a greatest hit!) almost done with God of War (also just made a greatest hit) what else, oh yeah went to Starfest on sunday with my friend erica it was a lot of fun despite total lack of star wars guests (again...) We watched some movies, saw a whole lot of stormtroopers there this year, and a borg kept following us. She was a first timer, and she wants to do the whole weekend next year (we'll make a party of it!) My tattoo is fully healed now and still looks fantastic. Got out of school 2 weeks ago with an "A" in english comp 2 and a "B" in ceramics 2. Still have my same mundane gas jockey job (39th and peroria conoco, just off of I-70) we just got a dog, named him lars (yes like owen and beru lars) Havent spotted the new unleashed yet, but you never know when those will show up. I THINK thats it for right now!
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