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    It was supposed to ship in a few weeks after I ordered it. Then it got delayed a month. Then another. Then another and another and another and another.....

    I was supprised when I got the shipping confirmation.
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    i got notice that my qui-gon mini-bust is due to arrive next week. nothing new to report in stores. target by me completely reset the toy aisle (its nearly empty) since most toys got moved to the clearance section.

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    I found Jerjerrod at a WM in . . . Longmont, I think. It was about five days ago and he was the only representative of the Endor wave, though they did have some red-holo Hoth R2s as well.

    I went to several Aurora stores a few days ago and didn't get anything. I did see Mace's Starfighter and Vader's TIE, though.

    I ordered the Shadow Stormtrooper and the Lucas Family/Republic Commando value set from, which should be coming in about six months.

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    Hey, does anyone have any Targets around them that still have the skirmish at the senate sets? I was broke this weekend and I guess I missed the big clearance push.
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    I hit 4 Targets ysterday and found non-remaining. I did find a lone Greedo for $2.98, but passed.

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    I bought the Senate Skirmish set last week for $13.98 but missed the even clearenced price. I totally missed the clearenced VOTC figures. Oh well, I got them and my George Trooper so I'm happy.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    got my qui-gon bust today. i was initially a little skeptical about the pose, but it works well. would be better if he had another arm though.

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    Shock Troopers

    Hey, if anybody is interested, it looks like Target is getting the second wave of Greatest Battles. Today I picked up 8 Shock Troopers between 2 Target stores.

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    At the Arvada Target a few days ago, I got a Shock Trooper and Vader's TIE. They were rearranging the Star Wars section, with nearly twice the number of pegs for figures, which were all full of Greatest Battles and Mos Eisley figures. I've also been seeing several Hoth Unleashed Battlepacks (not into them, though) and more of Mace's Starfighter and Vader's TIE. I only saw a VTSC Greedo at the clearance price, but I've got enough Greedos already.

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    found the titanium ultra falcon and vader TIE on the top shelf at wal-mart today. they were in the system as they scanned so i picked them both up. still haven't seen anything from the endor wave on the shelves as the mos eisley wave occupies the few spaces not taken up by dofine. want to get the LEGO star destroyer (and have seen it along with the sail barge at both target and TRU), but since i have no space to display anymore LEGOs i'm hesitant. i can tolerate keeping my toys in the box, but just seems doubly wrong to have LEGOs and not build with them.


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