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    Latley I've been caught up in the Star Wars Evolution cards. I was lucky enough to pull a Biggs Darklighter Auto card this last week -very exciting but I'm hoping to pull one of the (in)famous 3 -Guiness, Lucas or Cushing.
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    Today I satisfied my craving for more Evolution cards. I broke down and bought a case. Needless to say, I pulled a Kit Fisto Auto card along with some foil cards. *sigh* the hunt goes on.

    Oh, I also found the Endor AT-AT, NEW TIE Fighter and Dagobah X-Wings at TRU on Mississippi today. If yer still looking -head on over!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Marble View Post
    Way to go Jabba!! I am glad you finally got that figure. I still need to find the endor wave. I found it once about a month ago but couldn't afford it. I haven't seen it again.
    Thanks! I'll keep a look out from now on for the rest of the Endor wave.

    Oh, and my mom got Chief Chirpa the other day at the Lafayette WM, and I think she said they still had a C-3PO, but there was apparently a crowd in that aisle so she couldn't look a lot. I still need the Death Star Gunner from part one of this wave . . .

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    i'm way behind as i haven't seen a single endor figure. the fact others are slowly finding them gives me hope that eventually they'll make it to this side of town as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrhat View Post
    Okay, first suprise, All C's, yeah yeah, dont want to hear about it, anyway, i went in yesterday with toys my father had purchased for me, not knowing i had them all, i took them in, and went up to the deak woman, explained our situation, and we had all the price tags on the toys still. she said i could exchange (for full price!) so i exchanged a K-3PO, and a Duro for a Shmi and an EU Obi Wan! The Bespin Guard towards the purchase of a Darth Vader with removible helmit! i only spent 20.00 for the remainder of the Vader. It might have been the fact that I did come in alot and usually bought soimething, or they are being nice and not slimey! the second suprise in Target, in aurora had the Shmi and the EU obi, as well as the Ketwol wave, and the legecy assortment, and B-Wings!!!! if you still need em, go, i mean NOW!

    Good luck

    Also, All C's had a hochunk of Luke X-Wing Wave! if you cant wait for those.
    Back in 1996, before the internet really took off as a place you could order stuff from, I found some rare import CD singles in the Denver downtown area.
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    Denver is a great place to get CDs. Record stores are definatly not short.
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    Turns out she also got the DS Gunner the same day but didn't tell me until yesterday, so I'm all caught up figure-wise for the time being.

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    picked up the dagobah x-wing yesterday and a slightly battered search for grievous at tru. no at-at's just a big empty space on the shelves. they had the h&v figs for 5.99 and about a million 3po's and pregger padmes on the shelves - good luck getting rid of them. they'll be joining the permament endcap space of neimodians soon.

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    Well nothing new on the Star Wars front ad of late, lots of heroes an villains, not much else. Well after years of waiting NECA finally released the epic scale Balrog. Ordered that online, and waiting for the huge 1/12 scale beast to show up.
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    A friend and I are going on a toy run today, wish us luck!
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