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    i got em for $4.00. left chewie on the shelf cause i already have one with a light-up 3po from his saga days.

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    Not a bad deal there either. I left Chewie also, just need to get the SBD and Holo Cody from that grouping myself.
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    I plan on buying a couple Battle Droid packs when I find them. Right now My Clone Army could beat any in the universe on numbers alone. So I really need more droids to make a more interesting battle.

    I recieved my Leia/R2 and Boba Maquettes today! Very pleased with them. They look great with the Clone Wars Maquettes as well. I love being a High-End Collector.
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    I saw (but didn't get) the new AAT and Hailfire Droid at the Westminster Target.

    Due to an error, sent me the wrong shirt after I ordered a custom Han one, but I got an e-mail today saying that the correct one will be out soon. Hopefully it's right this time.
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    just got home from work. haven't had time to free leia and boba from their boxes yet. but i'm looking forward to getting them next to luminara and barriss. i do regret i don't have a padme snowbunny, that's one maquette i may have to try and track down at some point.

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    Got my Leia/R2 and Boba on display with Yoda, Anakin and Greivous. The Leia is easily one of my personal favorites.

    Finally won a Vintage Endor Poncho Luke off Ebay. 1 figure closer to having a complete set!
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    Today I went out Christmas shoppinf, and did at looking for myself. Target's and TRU all have the new waave of ships and the two new transformers. All are in the 30th Anv packages. TRU also had the Vader comic 2-pack. None of the others were left. Not crazy about these so I left them. I'm waiting for Quinlan and Mara personally. I have not seen any signs of the new 2-packs of galactic hero's, nut I have heard they are out there. I got all but the snowtrooper/Rebel from Hasbro. I have not seen any signs of the new wave. I think they must sell out instantly at the Targets that I have hit.

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    I got my Darth Vader Maquette today. I have to say this line has quickly become my favorite of Gentle Giants.
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    I'm still on the fence about the Vader Maquette. But I'm sure I'll just get him anyways.
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    i've got vader on pre-order, but hadn't heard that he was out yet.

    finally got boba opened. it's great that they sculpted him holding both blaster versions he uses.


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